The year 2020 entered in our lives with the Coronavirus pandemic emerging from China from late 2019. Since the last year, it is continuously affecting every country on this planet adversely. You can look forward to WorldoMeter and stay updated about the total number of new cases, deaths, and also the number of recoveries.

Almost every other platform is promoting awareness messages regarding the virus. It is known as SARS-CoV-2 causing the disease COVID-19. Precautions and preventions related to the Coronavirus are must follow. While the outspread of this disease resulted in social distancing, every individual is advised by the World Health Organization to follow safety rules.

Washing of hands and staying home are the major precautions you must stick to. The other necessary element in – keeping away from COVID 19 is a face mask. Also, eCommerce stores are providing Online discount codes for these to ensure the protection of citizens.

Henceforth, here is a guide for helping you learn about the proper use of facemasks during the Coronavirus crisis.

Important Details about Facemasks

Basically, there are three types of facemasks people can use for protection from COVID-19.

  • Homemade cloth masks
  • Surgical masks
  • N95 respirator masks

Look below for further details on each of these and use them appropriately. You can utilize one of them and find about their benefits.

Homemade Cloth Masks

There are a lot of places in every country where people are unable to maintain a six feet distance from each other. Therefore, CDC – the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended people to cover themselves with cloth face masks.

  • It is necessary to keep up with social distancing and appropriate hygiene along with the mask. Make sure to wash these masks after every individual use.
  • Wear these masks in places where maximum public interaction is possible such as grocery shops or medical stores.
  • Make sure to keep the mask from children below two years of age and elderly people suffering from any sort of breathing problems.
  • Prefer using cloth face masks rather than surgical or N95 respirators as these are necessary for workers in the healthcare sector. Using them can shorten their supply to these people.
  • Professional healthcare workers must take extra precautions while using homemade cloth masks. Also, it is necessary to use appropriate shields that can help them cover all sides of the face along with the chin or below.

Pros and Cons of This Mask

  • These masks are easy to prepare at home therefore, you can have a limitless amount of them whenever you want.
  • Using them can quickly lower the risk of virus spread through sneezing, coughing, or speaking.
  • They are less protective than respiratory or surgical masks and can give a false feeling of protection.
  • It is better to utilize cloth masks rather than using any type of protection, especially in areas with more people.
  • You cannot consider them as a substitute for surgical or N95 masks. It is still necessary to maintain proper hygiene.

Surgical Masks

You may be familiar with surgical masks as these are available on almost every pharmacy. These are disposable masks utilized for covering your chin, mouth, and nose. A variety can be found among surgical masks. It has several folds or pleats and a strip at one end to form the nose.

Benefits of This Mask

  • It secures you from droplets, splashes, and sprays from the surrounding
  • It keeps your respiratory secretions from infecting anyone else around you

N95 Respiratory Masks

Using an N95 respirator is beneficial in plenty of ways. Aside from protecting wearers from splashes, droplets, and sprays; this mask can also filter 95% of tiny infectious particles. It fits tightly on your face and is available in an oval shape that covers your mouth, chin, and nose appropriately.

You may find some of these masks with an exhalation valve for helping you breathe. Also, these masks are attainable in various sizes. Wearers must check them and use a tight-fitting N95 respirator only.

Can These Facemasks Protect You From COVID-19?

SARS-CoV2 is contagious and spreads from person-to-person by means of tiny droplets. You can inhale these from anyone within a distance of six feet or less. It infects the air soon after a person sneezes, coughs, or talks.

Anyone can quickly get in contact with the virus if they breathe in infectious air or touch any contaminated surface. Three of these facemasks have their levels of protection from COVID-19 yet; you can use all of them for keeping safe.

The current situation of the Coronavirus outbreak is fatal if you don’t follow the preventive measures. China is the first country to fight against it and come up with positive results. You can contribute to this war against the disease by keeping safe and staying home!