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If you are thinking of moving to London Ontario, then you have landed in the right place. Ontario is the east-central province of Canada. It is famous for many things, such as the Niagara falls, Capital of Canada Ottawa, and Metropolitan city of Toronto. One can move here for a better opportunity for employment, a high quality of education, and a high standard of living.

If you move to any new place, it can become complicated if you don’t know anything beforehand. This article will guide you through the ways to make it easier for you to start your life in London, Ontario.

The essential things to do when you arrive in Ontario!

Before starting your new life here, it is necessary to take some administrative tasks and complete them to make it easier for you to survive here. The first thing one should do is apply for the Ontario Health Insurance ePlan to get a health card. The card will cover visits to hospitals, appointments, medical tests, and surgeries. It will save a lot of your money, so make sure to apply for it the moment you enter Ontario.

After that, the next vital task to accomplish is your driver’s license. For this, one needs to make contact with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario and make an appointment with them. You have to then pay the fee and take the driving test. It is essential to have a car to commute to different places when you are new to the area.

The last thing essential to do is the change of address in all your official documents and services. You can easily do it via the app of Canada that can allow you to change your address while sitting at home.

Renting an apartment in Ontario.

You can rent an apartment by applying or looking for it online. These platforms filter all your preferences and provide you with the best possible options to choose from. You can also hire a broker to help you with the renting of the apartment.

The rentals depend totally on the city of your choice. You may have to pay rent higher in some neighborhoods and lower in others. You should choose the house according to the convenience it has. Your area should have the convenience of transportation. Make sure to sign some home insurance policies after you sign your lease. It covers your belongings and makes it affordable for you to survive in good neighborhoods.

Subscribing for electricity, gas and getting internet and cell phone plan in Ontario

There are many retailers and marketers who can supply you with power and gas. Make sure you choose one that has a license issued by the Ontario Energy board. You can call them and ask them to help you with a subscription to gas and electricity.

About the cell phone plan and internet, you can quickly get hold of the service provider to get the internet at your home. You can select a suitable carrier for your cell phone by comparing the various carriers in Ontario at PlanHub.

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