When you start comparing different offers from different internet service providers here in the Philippines, you’re going to have a lot of different factors in your hands. Here are some of the possible things that service providers will ask you. You don’t need to know all of the technicalities since you’re just basically gathering information on choosing the best internet in the Philippines. It’s a good idea to browse information to each provider’s website. 

Speed – most of them will inform you about the speeds that they can offer to you. You are going to be interested more with the download speed unless you are planning on doing a great deal of YouTube video uploading. Another thing worth remembering is whether the speed is offered over DSL, cable or fiber because cable speeds tend to vary a lot depending on the time of the day. 

It is impossible to tell precisely how fast the speed will be at your house but there are instances that the further you are from their offices or nearest equipment station, the slower it will be. Ask them how far you are from their establishments or infrastructure. If they are much farther away than a comparable service, you can choose to lean towards the closer one. 

Additional costs –  Some companies require you to rent a modem or router to avail their services, while other providers will just give you this kind of equipment. This is often a hidden cost to every customer that they do not want to tell you up front in their price, so you should ask them this kind of inquiry before you sign up for anything. 

Data Cap –  Does the company put a monthly maximum cap on how much data you can download every month. Some services do have that and that is one of the negative things that you would want in your house. This issue will be more important if you are a frequent Youtube or Netflix user, as non video web surfing email will generally never approach such a cap. 

Bundling – If you already use the same service provider for phone, cable or satellite service, you may get a better rate by bundling services. You may also want to consider moving your other services into a bundle services from the same provider. 

Customer Service –  This is hard to judge because when you are out there looking at customer service reviews, you will generally hear the negative stories or comments rather than the positive ones. 

Add ons –  Some internet service providers will try to sell you additional softwares like antivirus or firewalls. Don’t pay for these, at least not directly to the same provider. There are a lot of antivirus or firewall software online that are free or only cost a minimum amount rather than the one that they are offering. While these antivirus or spyware protection softwares are a good idea to have on your personal computers, you don’t need to pay for any additional software as a bundle from your internet service provider.