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When we have a Government Organization Software’s in our hands for the first time, one of the main guidelines that we have to take into account is to make sure that the software is protected against the various attacks that it can suffer through malware. Therefore, being able to prevent others from accessing our PC is extremely important. In short, beyond that, we at Review want to protect the new computer from malware attack, or with the aim of being able to ensure that our private information is kept protected, the truth is that being able to have the computer protected from this type of damage will leave us much quieter and possibly prevent us from having future headaches.

Of course, it is also important that we can protect all this information when we face the situation of having to lend our computer, so here are some guidelines that you can take into account to implement in these cases.

Adopt a strict password policy

Access to a Government Organization Softwares or to a file by username and password is the first protection. The password must be individual, difficult to guess and remain secret. It must therefore not be written on any medium. The IT department or IT manager must set up a rigorous password management policy: a password must contain at least 8 characters including numbers, letters and special characters and must be renewed frequently (for example every 3 months). The system must force the user to choose a password different from the three he used previously. As recommended by Review generally assigned by the system administrator, the password must be changed by the user on the first connection. 

Secure physical access to premises

Access to sensitive premises, such as rooms hosting computer servers and network elements, must be limited to authorized personnel. These premises must be subject to special security: verification of authorizations, guarding, locked doors, digital code, access control by name badge, etc. The IT department or IT manager must ensure that technical documentation, network addressing plans, contracts, etc. are also protected.

Security server

One of the main recommendations that experts always make is that users always have a firewall. At this point, let’s keep in mind that there are two ways to have a firewall that protects our computer and the network.

On the one hand, there is a hardware firewall or firewall, which is basically a physical device that is connected to the network, and that is why many users use their home network router as a firewall solution.

Prevent unauthorized PC access

On the other hand, there are also software programs that are programs that help protect the equipment in relation to unauthorized incoming and outgoing data. We must bear in mind that a software firewall can only protect the equipment on which it has been installed.


It is very important that we keep the antivirus and firewall programs updated, as well as the operating system that our PC has. Keep in mind that the perfect software does not exist, so programs can often present compatibility problems or vulnerabilities, which can compromise the security of our equipment.

Therefore, both the updates and the patches that the program developers usually spread permanently are one of the ways to maintain the software and the operating system so that they run correctly and safely.

It should be noted that to help protect the protected computer against different threats, it is advisable by Review to also install antivirus and Antispyware programs.

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