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Novel CoronaVirus pandemic has crippled the world affecting almost 203 countries to date. Cases are rising daily, with nearly 650 deaths reported today in Italy, one of the critical epicenters apart from Wuhan Market in China for the infamous virus outbreaks. At the moment, the government of affected countries is earnestly requesting its citizens to stay at home and maintain social distancing. In the absence of a precise tested medicine to contain the Covid-19, a lung infection disease, personal hygiene is the sole & only way to prevent the spread of the virus. Therefore, While washing your hands, use soap and lather for almost 1 minute for a thorough cleaning. After that, you can apply hand sanitizer that will ensure better protection against the virus. Sanitizers contain alcohol that is known to weaken the protein lining of the CoronaVirus. Thus, killing the virus in the process.

Do Not Settle for Any Hand Sanitizer with Alcohol: Not Everything Can Work to Fight the Sars Cov-2


Sanitizer, sanitizer, sanitizer, that’s the song ringing in everyone’s ear when they think of fighting the Novel CoronaVirus pandemic. But do every hand sanitizer serve the purpose of protecting you against this deadly virus. Baffled! Perplexed! Don’t be! You are at the right place to learn about the hand sanitizer that can work against the Novel CoronaVirus, and you must order those online right away.


The Hand sanitizers are available in two variants: hand sanitizer with alcohol and alcohol-free sanitizer. In your fight against the Sars Cov-2 Pandemic, pick the hand sanitizer with alcohol content in it. But again, does a 60% alcohol content end up as enough or 90% alcohol is a pro for the germ assassination. Indeed, a 90 % or 99% alcohol content hand sanitizer would make more sense to you in your fight against this deadly virus. But make sure that you are not picking Alcohol-free hand sanitizers with quaternary ammonium compounds. These hand sanitizers might not work as effectively as alcohol-based hand sanitizers that kill MRSA, E Coli, influenza A virus, rhinovirus, hepatitis A virus, HIV, and MERS SARS Cov-1 & Cov-2 viruses effectively.

How Are Hand Sanitizers Becoming The Apple of An Eye for Everyone On this Planet?

Hand sanitizers contain alcohol that destroys the protein of the virus. You can take this protein as the fuel for the virus. These proteins help the virus to survive, and the moment you use the hand sanitizers, they weaken the protein lining or power mechanism of the virus. In the process, either making the virus lifeless or nonfunctional to penetrate through the upper lining of the dermis of the skin to gain entry in the human’s system. If you are washing your hands with hand wash for 1 minute and then applying the hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol content, even that would be effective if you do not want to go with the hand sanitizers having 90% alcohol content. Plan your purchase judiciously and fight against this pandemic to stay safe and peaceful. Don’t step out as now you can order hand sanitizers only with just a few clicks on tap on your phone.

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