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When we talk about changes in humans’ life the first factor is technology and the other is internet. These both elements have not just changed our life for better communication and faster information or updated. However, there have been changes in our overall personality, our habits and behavior. Why is that so? If you notice these small changes in yourself you would understand how have people transformed in a positive and a negative way through the intensive use of internet.

Even though people are dreaming their career, their future goals are specific but still the role of internet has some way or other plays an important role in modern life.

Table of Contents

Highlights of Internet in Modern World. 1

10 ways to explain changes in people’s lives after Internet 1

Jealousy has been incarnated. 1

Sales offer, Announcement through Emails. 2

Internet always saves from mishaps. 2

Not progressive nor active. 2

Going for travelling with a DSRL or Selfie stick. 2

TV shows cannot be missed out now.. 3

Cooking is now easier and delicious. 3

Enhance your knowledge base. 3

Final point 3



Highlights of Internet in Modern World

According to the study of professional academic writing services we have selected some of the highlighted facts.

  • 4 out of 10 seniors now own a smart phone, the amount doubled after 2013
  • The active web users are now almost 3.2 Billion and this number is almost half of the world population.
  • Each day 2 Million smart phones are sold around the world

How many of you think the behavior of yourself has changed after internet revolution….

10 ways to explain changes in people’s lives after Internet

People tend to change whether it is due to circumstances such as tough life or some traumatic experience that gradually transforms your mind set. Therefore, our generation was exposed to various gadgets; websites and social media platforms they started to rely on these things and become lazy. Let’s find out what before and after explanation of these transformations.

Jealousy has been incarnated

The funny part about internet is it has changed the way we see things.

When boy and girl are in a relationship the way she investigates on you watched his eyes rolling each time when a girl walk by his side. First it was a fight against ‘why were you staring at her’. However, the internet and the social media has transform the definition of beauty there are hundreds of girls on the internet that more beautiful and hot. So, the girl today says ‘you liked her picture’, or ‘why did you add her’.

Sales offer, Announcement through Emails

Many of you have notices in 1990s there wasn’t a concept of selling your car, clothes or any other thing (basically your old stuff) on the internet. Even people want to they usually put banners or took help form bill boards for advertisement.

But now, the internet has made things easier and convenient the announcement messages or emails are the trend now. There are apps where you can in a cost effective way sell things or even buy them. Social networks such as Facebook or Instagram can help you spread out your promotional campaigns.

Internet always saves from mishaps

How many of you bring your smart phones in the bathroom while doing your business? Well! Majority of you definitely bring it right. There were times when you have to shout your throats out to get your toilet paper or If the main water line is not working you would have to wait for someone hear your voice.

Now it’s not the case, you got your WhatsApp just instantly message someone with an emoji in between for showing urgency or your feelings.

Not progressive nor active

There were times when our moms used to drag us from playing for hours or even whole day not eating, nor drinking anything. Kids were free in indulging themselves in healthy activities.

Today’s kids are drags by their parents to get some fresh air, stop the use of gadgets and become active. Our kids are not lazy, have fatigue and various health problems because of online games and PlayStation types of games.

Going for travelling with a DSRL or Selfie stick

Going for holiday trips are amazing but internet has made things pretty different from usual. First people pack their bags; put all the essentials for the tour and a camera which wasn’t that much used.

However, the most necessary element which cannot be missed out in 2019 is your selfie stick and your smart phone that has a DSLR camera. People tend to take lots of picture or videos and upload it on social media for views.

TV shows cannot be missed out now

There were times when you missed out your favorite shows or dramas and have to wait for a week to watch newest episodes.

But now you have to wait for the whole season for your favorite TV show to year as you already seen the first season on your IPad.

Cooking is now easier and delicious

There was a time when wives or husbands ask their moms for newest recipes to cook for themselves. But now Google guru is there for help. Just ask Okay Google ‘how to make Vegetable soup’ all the details of the recipe or the cooking method are already described on the internet.

Enhance your knowledge base

In 1990s people were not aware of their surroundings or what is going on in each country or their own city. But now internet is vast, fast and everything is searchable enough to get information of whatever you desire easily. We could first just imagine of the access to the entire world’s information.

Today students search for proofreading services and all the relevant information about the Academic companies begin to pop up in the Google page.  If you are craving for pizza or burger just place an order or search for nearby restaurants to deliver on time.

Final point

The standard of living has changed drastically after the technology revolution and the fastest internet speed such as 5G or 4G internet that can easily convey messages or video downloading within a blink of an eye. However, those beautifully presented descriptions about the behavioral changes humans begin to shape in their life style have been observed by internet.

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