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Did you know that the automobile industry is rising with time? And with that, the tyre manufacturing is flourishing which leads to more research and development of tyres. Owing to such developmental inventions we come across this relatively new tyre technology which is known as the run-flat tyre. Some might already be acquainted with it but we shall discuss it here in detail for everyone.

What Is This?

We all must have across flat tyre problems at least once in life. So we all know how frustrating it can be, especially when you are out for some important reason. So the tyre developers have come up with this new technology to help us out in such situations.

Run-flat tyres can simply be defined as pneumatic Tyres Longton with the capacity to reduce deflation in case of a puncture and allowing you to drive few more miles with it. It is believed that after the invention of the pneumatic tyres, the invention of run-flat tyres has been a great success in the field of tyre design and technology.

To be more clear with this tyre design, it shall minimize the effects of deflation in case of a tyre puncture but cannot resist deflation completely. This shall also help you to reach the nearest garage for getting help within another 10 to 50 miles. This extra running distance also depends on a few factors like the tyre type, speed, load, etc.

Basic Types of This Technology

There are fundamentally three types of run-flat tyre technology widely available:

Self Supporting- usually, these are found in vehicles like passenger cars and light trucks.  He key feature of these is that they have thick and stiff sidewalls than the usual Tyres Wem. Quite naturally this allows them to carry heavy loads even when the inner air pressure is low and run for a few miles after the puncture. The sidewalls of these tyres are made of layers of rubber which is why they are thick and strong. A heat-resistant chord is also supported around it which helps the tyre to be in its original position even when facing a bump.

Self Sealing- this technology is immensely helpful when there is a small puncture or hole in the tyre. As the name suggests, it is capable of self-sealing the hole. There is an extra lining in the tyre that self-seals which prevents the air to leak. If the damage is less then it remains fine otherwise it just reduces the deflation rate.

Auxiliary Supported- in this case, there is a ring attached to the wheel which acts as additional support. Due to this support ring, in the event of a puncture leading to a loss of air pressure, the weight of the vehicle does not become an issue. This kind of a run-flat insert tyre is capable of carrying the load at high speeds for a long distance too. These features automatically make it a choice for military vehicles.

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