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Brand building is vital to growing your business sales and reputation. And with the growth of the social media marketing channels, there’s no excuse to leave any channel behind, especially Quora.

Quora is a question/answer forum where people all around the globe post their questions and get a pool of answers on it. If you own a business and don’t use Quora to boost your business talks, revenue and credibility then you’re missing the most important part of marketing.

So, it’s high time to start leveraging Quora to gain fruitful insights. But before you start using Quora, here are some tips that should always stay on top of your fingertips.

1. Setup your Profile

Do you know when people believe your answers the most?

It’s when they see a great profile with complete information and working experience. Your profile is the first medium visitors learn about you, it should be organic, deliver value and give a professional impression.

Write a short and compelling bio. Mention your brand or business name and fill the education boxes, interest, and expertise in the profile section. Remember, don’t forget to link your profile with your other social media accounts.

2. Explore your Interest

Before you start answering questions or share knowledge on Quora, it’s vital that you explore your interest first. Quora is a huge platform, and it offers questions and answers in every category. So, digging out your area of interest will help you to decide the niche which is relevant to your business and you will need to explore first.

Once you have selected your categories, read the questions and answers in these categories and analyze what are the trending topics today. 

3. Start Helping Users

The biggest mistake marketers make is to start posting their website links in the answers as soon as they registered on the platform. This is the wrong tactic. When you are new to Quora you should help people without inserting links in your answers. Grow the number of views on your answers by helping randomly. For example, if someone is asking for a book recommendation, recommend him and similar to this answer questions that comes under your knowledge. 

Once you have gained 1k views on your answers then it’s the time to start branding your website, small business or side hassle. 

4. Search your Competitors

Quora is the best tool for researching and brainstorming. It’s also recommended to pry over your competitors because when you know what your competitors are doing, you can speed up your branding by learning their strategies. 

With a bird’s eye view, analyze how your competitors are answering the questions and devise your strategy accordingly. 

5. Share to Another Network

The best thing about Quora is that it allows users to share their answers on other marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress or Tumblr. So, when you have written down a long piece of solution which is well researched, confidently share it on your social media profiles. 

This will help to build your brand through Quora and sharing on different platforms will build your brand reputation on other networks.

6. Analyze Stats to Know your Progress

You can measure every answer you put on the Quora platform. It will help you to figure out which answer works best for your audience and which gains their interest the most. 

When you know the best answers you will work on the same niche to establish your brand credibility. The number of views and upvotes will help you to find the most appreciated content in the list. 

I know a web design company Toronto who started small on Quora and then build an effective engagement through this platform. Quora also allows you to insert links in your answers. Now, imagine the best answer in the list having the maximum number of views, upvote, and shares has the link of your website. Sounds great?

Remember building the following on Quora is all about consistency. If you don’t answer questions consistently, then there’s no solution to grow your Quora reach. I hope the tips above will help you to utilize Quora to the maximum to make your brand credible.    





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