When the wedding bells toll you open your arms to welcome the wonderful chaos and get down to planning your big day. While venues, photographers, guest lists and food are all important aspects of your wedding planning, choosing the perfect wedding band (such as tungsten rings for him!) for your better half trumps it all. 

So, to help you channel zenlike calm amidst the mayhem, we have put together a guide for YOU to choose the perfect ring for him! 

Let’s get down to business and find out how you can go on about this!

Create a Budget and be Sensible about it

Sifting through all those wedding magazines makes it easy for us to get carried away. Add to the mix the royal and celebrity weddings and it gets crazier. When this happens, take a deep breath and talk to your partner. The best thing to do is to set a budget early on and stick to it diligently. 

Buying a wedding ring for your partner will require careful consideration which is why deciding on a budget is crucial. What’s more, you can adjust your spending keeping in mind your entire wedding planning. 

Your photographs and your wedding bands are the only things that you will truly keep from your wedding. So give this a good thought when creating a budget for the same. 

This will also depend on the type of metal and style you choose. Men tend to wear rings that are around 5 to 8mm thick. Moreover, if you are choosing an expensive metal for the ring, factor in the element of thickness. You will see that you are likely to pay slightly more for your partner’s ring. 

So take all these things into consideration when creating a budget and try not to overdo it. That’s the whole point of creating a budget in the first place. Stay strong!

Decide on the Ring Profile

You might think that all the rings are inherently round but they are not! With rings, there are 4 main types of profiles that can add both comfort and aesthetics to the ring. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Traditional court rings – Also known as the classic court ring, these are one of the most popular ones out there given how comfortable they are. The ring’s interior matches the rounded exterior perfectly which is also its distinctive attribute. 
  • D-shaped ring – For all you know, the D-shaped ring could be a replica of the classic court. A small exception though would be its flat inner edge. This minute difference makes the ring fit better on the finger giving a well-aligned look.
  • Flat Ring – This ring is the exact opposite of the traditional court ring as it sports a flat surface on both the exterior as well as the interior. Although, you’ll have to stay on guard with this one as it tends to catch on all kinds of things. 
  • Flat Court – This one is the opposite of the D-shaped version. It boasts of a rather smooth exterior coupled with a well-rounded interior. This makes it extremely comfortable, not to mention trendy as well. 

Now that you know about ring profiling, it’s time to choose the perfect design!

Design of the Ring

There are quite a few options out there that you can choose from- there are plain, diamond and tungsten rings for him but there are other options as well!  There are two-toned metal rings, wooden and signet rings, rings with gemstones and signet rings. The range and the variety available can be a bit intimidating.

Moreover, new designs are constantly created so don’t make a decision just yet. Once you are in the shop and you see what you like, you will know if the ring is right for your partner. 

Material that Lasts

You need to give the material of the ring a good thought, especially when its custom to get the same material your partner got for you. You can take a look at the material of your engagement ring for inspiration. 

Some metals like gold are too soft and thus cannot be combined with something like platinum given how hard it is. If combined, the gold won’t be able to retain its shine or shape. So give these factors a good thought before you seal the deal.

Final Thoughts

After reading this you should have the ring profile, material, texture, and budget all figured out. Next, it’s finally time to find the best wedding ring for your man. 

You can start with your local jeweler and see if your research comes to fruition. You can always get a custom ring made so that’s another alternative. Making a bespoke ring for your partner will make the whole occasion extra special and unique.

You can also get the perfect ring for him online, because why not!

Whatever road you choose to go down with, all the best!