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Every entrepreneur with a visionary idea really over the Internet to reach out to its prospective audience base. But, with soaring competition over the last decade in the digital space, startups find it tough to survive, because just by publishing a few webpages would not make you successful. In other words, you need to create and execute the most up-to-date strategies to make the site more visible in the SERP results of top-ranked search engines like Google, the Bing. 

You can hire a competent SEO Essex company to create a well-formulated strategy to get the best results. 

Registration on the Google Search Console

The first step in your journey to boost your website visibility is to get your business website registered on the Google search console. The Google search console lets you submit your website in no seconds along with the sitemap for the indexing of the site. With the submission of the site, you will be letting the search engine knows the website exists over the Internet, somewhat it is to the key to appearing in the top positions of search engines. 

Google My Business

The next step in your mission to have greater visibility in the digital space is to get your business registered over Google My Business. Registering the business will make your company appear in the best positions for relevant geographic results. 

When you have signed up on the Google My Business with a physical address, then the postcard containing the pin for the verification of the business will be sent to your address. When your business is registered on Google My Business, your business might on Google Maps for people who will be searching for local services.

Make the Site Load Faster

As per Google, the site loading speed is a key factor when it coming to ranking websites as per the 2010 algorithm. It is of great significance to ensure the website load faster as possible. The speeding up the process of the website includes the minimizing of the HTTPS present on your business website, the use of the scripts to a minimum, and don’t have many images on the website to boost the loading speed. 

The next step for increasing the loading speed of the website is to make sure that the sizes of the images are as small as possible, you can use many tools for the compressing of the images without affecting the quality of the picture.

Identify the Right Keywords

It is critical that you must zero down on the right set of keywords and the relevant phrases that will help your website to rank on top search engines like Google, and above all, ensure they are added to the right way.

To get measurable results, it is reaching out to a qualified SEO Essex company to create a strategic plan.

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