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The predecessors of Samaritans and Jews were Hebrews. They declared to be the generation of the biblical master Abraham. They are popular for their contribution to world culture, as their faiths have affected three significant beliefs of the world. They are also familiar as they have rules, cultural and spiritual laws, and morals. The Hebrews have influenced today’s community at a high level.

Basically, Hebrews were migratory people. the ancient Middle East was their living place. they settled in Canaan which is the country on the eastern coast of Mediterranean-sea, Jordan, Lebanon, the territory of modern Israel and Syria in approximately 1400 BC. Afterward, this country was popular as the kingdom of Israel and, after the time of King Solomon’s death, it was distributed into Israel and Judea.

As the climate of the Middle East was very warm, the importance of houses was not so much. Usually, many people of the Hebrew family lived in the open air. their yards were their kitchen. They made their stores such that they looked into the street. they build their houses with stones. in the land of Canaan, big forests did not exist due to which wood was highly paid.

There were some Hebrews who lived in tents. Tents are mostly indicated in the Torah. when David and Solomon were Kings, poor people also lived in tents. caves were also an option for residence.

the food of the Mediterranean people and Hebrews were similar.  they ate homemade bread was a popular diet at that time which was baked by the lady of the house in the big clay ovens that were adjusted in the yard. They also refresh fruits, lentils, goat cheese, and olives. fish and meat were also their diets. the wine was the most popular drink of that people.

Both men and women both wore a tunic having a girdle, on top of it a robe was set, and it was sleeveless also a headdress as well. there was a difference in designs and styles of the Men’s and women’s clothes. Women wore a long dress in which sleeves were long.clothes of Hebrews were according to laws and instructions. They were supposed to wear tassels on the corners of their clothing, a commandment from the Bible. Only rich people were allowed to wear mixed wool and flax clothes while others were not. The bishops were very careful as they were instructed about their clothing while working.

It is found that from the very basic times, the Hebrews started to write their laws, history, and beliefs. They wrote “Torah” in Hebrew fonts. They wrote books on large pieces of papers and it was rolled into scrolls. The books that were written were exodus, Leviticus, Genesis, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

The procedure of writing Hebrew was and is from right-to-left having consonants and vowel points. The Hebrew script developed on the base of their history. Hence, basic Hebrew writing does not seem similar as it does recently.

initial people having the religion of monotheistic were Hebrews. The faith of Monotheism is that there is no GOD except one. all neighbors of Hebrews were polytheistic which have the faith of may GODS.

Assyrians destroyed the Kingdom of Israel in 722 BC. in the first century AD. Judea lost its independence to Rome. Jews were forced to migrate from their country. protecting their traditions, religion, and the language they lived all over the world for two thousand years. the state of Israel was established again in 1948.

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