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Many a tourists’ favourite Vietnam destination welcomes one with a plethora of awe-worthy attractions and an ancient town steeped in history. Exhibiting growth in the tourism sector every minute, Hoi An is a wanderer’s paradise that is welcoming of all changes and it is best toured by either cosying up to the beaches during Summer or cuddling up to the Ancient Town during rainy seasons.

Breathe in the breezy seaside

Due to its prime location on the coast, Hoi An’s beaches are beautiful and bound to catch your attention so hold onto your beach towel when in the region. For a dreamy Vietnam honeymoon, a mere 3 kilometres ride from town, visit the incredible An Bang beach. Smell the earth before relaxing at the beach by taking the route framed with paddy fields to the supremely famous, pretty beach decked with umbrellas and chairs. Smarten deals with beach essentials by choosing lidos that offer fair deals on them along the Cua Dai Beach and the Hidden beach for a laidback experience.

Revel in the delicacies:

Chow down on the famous Banh Mi and let the chewy, heartening Cao Lao and Mi Quang warm your souls with their flavour explosion. A well-celebrated flavour profile of traditional Vietnamese cuisine is best experienced at Morning Glory restaurant while the Mango Mango restaurant presents a fusion food scene along with colourful cocktails that cannot be missed.

Catch a ride to Charming Cham:

A road trip or public boat takes one to a band of 8 islands charmingly named Cham Islands, offer a tropical getaway that puts other island excursions to shame with their exotic, pretty markets and pagodas brimming with souvenirs of all kind. The coral reefs around the island are riveting in nature and quite indelible with a number of water activities like Kayaking and swimming with the corals. Look no further than the Cu Lao Cham Marine Park to satiate your marine cravings with guided snorkelling and scuba diving into the vibrant ocean. Equal measures of action and awe are what attracts tourists to Hon Lao Island, which is the home to fishing villages and to some of the most peaceful beaches, Bãi Ong and Bãi Xếp. Choosing the popular stay variant of Homestays is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the local fishermen. Aquatic adventures’ tours led by instructors around the island shape the day trip into one of the best things to do in Hoi An Vietnam. 

Historical harmony of Hoi An:

The preconceived notion of Vietnam in all glory of its paddy fields sprinkled with colours and lounging water buffaloes is more of a reality at Hoi An. Speaking of picturesque renditions come to life, a glimpse at the artfully constructed arch proudly representing the significant influence of Japanese culture in the Old Town is sure to clarify the popularity of the Japanese bridge across the world. Missing out on the zen-inspired architecture over the riverside town and the brilliant maintenance of its construction would be regrettable as the renovation is soon underway.  

Ruins resonate with wandering, profound souls and what better way to indulge a little in the mysterious history of some than at the My Son ruins’ spectacular sights. Be ready to be transported into the Hinduism-influenced complex of temples dating back to the 4th century and let the tranquil effect of the place soothe your soul.

Amidst popular Vietnam destinations, Hoi An is an incredibly laidback, hidden gem which is perfect for a peaceful retreat away from the cacophony of the tourist spots. Choose Pickyourtrail for a hassle-free Vietnamese tour and cheerfully explore Hoi An to your heart’s content.

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