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Both fun and headache come together with having kids! You have a lively home full of glee and giggles, but it does not end there because sometimes, you also have some headaches to get and spanking to do. Relatable? A usual family scene at home.

Another thing that makes having kids at home pleasant is that you are challenged to turn things more creative, suitable, desirable and useful for them. Of course, it’s not always based only on your own liking, but it’s great if you consider what they find interesting even if they are still young and little.

The bedroom of your child or children is an important space that you should be giving fine attention. Anyone would love well-maintained and well-designed bedrooms, but particularly talking about your children below teenage years, they would really love bedrooms with awesome themes! You yourself will actually enjoy them too. 

If you’re thinking of using a certain theme for your daughter’s bedroom and making it happen, below are 6 ideas and tips to check out!



Source – Pinterest

To become a princess is one of the dreams you could hear from little girls. Surely, those princess cartoons they watched made them want to live in a castle, wear long sparkly gowns and a tiara. What is usually shown in princess cartoons is the princess’ bedroom. You can get inspiration from that in choosing what your daughter’s bedroom will look like!

There are many ways you can use the Princess Theme for the kid’s bedroom. The grandest way your little princess will love without a doubt is making her room setup look exactly like the ones in movies!

For example, you can take the photo above. You can see how full efforts were placed in decorating this room. From the ceiling down to the floor, everything’s giving the royal castle-feel. Not to mention the very obvious, the bed is designed as a castle. It makes her live the dream inside your own safe place. Even if it’s a mini castle, she will certainly fall in love with it. She can literally go inside that castle because her bed is in there. There are stairs on each side too. She can go up there whenever she wants to play. 

Also, for the same example, you will see how minimalist the wall designs are. There are areas with pink and white flowers, matched with the long couch by the side. The small wall lamps are perfect as you can see such lighting are used in princess rooms in movies. 

The curtains are see-through, enabling light to go in and hit the huge pink carpet on the floor. There’s a wide space, so your daughter can play her toys, read books and even let her friends come in. Even the chairs, table with drawers and mirror suggest the princess vibe.


Source – Decoomo – Disney Princess

An easier example is the one above. Well, it’s not as complicated and hard to think of and buy, but it’s another level of glam! Little girls have grown up having Disney Princesses on their list of favorite cartoon characters. These pretty fictional princesses were actually the first and main reason why they started wanting to become a princess too!

There are lots of Disney Princess products you can buy in department stores and shopping centers. Your daughter would love to see Ariel, Snow White, Belle or Mulan printed on her pillows, blankets, bed sheets and curtains. Of course, if it’s Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty, in her bedroom it’s a big plus, and you must already know why! 

It’s so nice since although there are only a few stuff in the room, it still seems very decorated because of the Disney Princess wallpaper. The room also looks wider and extended because of it, and your little munchkin will love that she’s with the princess in one cosy room!

Source – Homedit – Princess

The final example is not like the previous ones since this is simpler, but that does not mean your kid might like it less. You can choose a carriage-designed bed for her room. Remember the pumpkin-turned-carriage Cinderella got from her fairy godmother? Yes, something like that! There are many designs and materials that would be safe for your daughter. Match nice pillows for it. You can even put stickers on it if you want to! It’s multi-purpose since it’s a bed and a play space too. 



Source – Pinterest – Carnival

The perfect style that can make your daughter’s room a magical one is the Carnival Theme! Having this one would be very enjoyable for you and your kid since in carnival designs, there are so many things to include! The theme itself is also colorful, so it’s full of enthusiasm and variety! It would be nice if you get to put your daughter’s favorite rides as decorations too. 

Although the usual colors for carnivals include red, yellow, white and blue, you can also choose colors that would be fitting for a gentle-looking room. It must give that restful and soft vibe in your daughter’s bedroom. It must help her sleep well easily too! 

The photo above is an inspiration you can have if you’re going out of the standard carnival colors and hues. You can see how the ceiling is painted with white and light indigo which help to lighten and brighten the room. The lamp chandelier at the center blends in well! You can see how the set of colors used are all light versions of green, pink, violet, yellow and orange, then white. The room isn’t painful to see. It’s comforting. The painting of animals as part of a carousel are lovely! Match curtains that won’t ruin the room’s look!

Source – Sweet Escape House – Carnival

If you are that parent that goes really EXTRA when it comes to decorating things for your kids, then you can take this one as your inspiration. As you can see, the room is not a mere bedroom but also a play area for kids. To make your daughter’s carnival room more realistic, you can actually have a corner built with a carnival stall. 

For the example above, it’s a games stall. You can also choose a popcorn stall or a ticket booth; ask your kid if she’d love that! You can seek your interior designer’s help beforehand, especially if your house or the room itself is new. Moreover, telling your custom home builder about this kind of plan will let them choose materials that suit not just the theme but also the possible materials to be used by the interior designer. It’s just right that everything is in proper coordination so problems in the future will be avoided. 

Aside from that, you can also buy some real toys that will make the room look like a carnival where kids can surely enjoy. Look at the same photo. There are stalls painted on the walls which give the illusion that they are afar. That means they go together with the built stall attached to your wall. That makes your daughter’s room more creative and interesting! 

If you look up, there are cotton balls made as clouds; they match the walls’ painted designs. Even the ceiling fan has carnival prints. Choose well the bed sheets and styles. Above, you’ll see how the sheets are striped, matching the usual carnival pattern. It’s soft-colored too since the focus of producing extravagance goes everywhere around it!



Source – Amaza Design – Floral

Floral might be overrated, but if your daughter admires it, then let her room have it! After all, floral themes never go out of style! 

Make your daughter’s room a garden by taking the idea from above. Look at how every piece of item is incorporated with flowers. The bed is literally a bed of flowers! Make sure you choose sheets that totally agree with the room’s concept. You can use different pillows that would actually correspond well. Flower-shaped plushies are also a highlight! They aren’t just for sleeping but also good for playing and designing the room.

Even curtains, rugs, lampshade, wall decorations, table, cabinet, wall-stick shelves are designs with colorful flowers! It’s amazing how the furniture are also garden-touched! Look at how the ends of the bed and the mini bedside table look like fences. There’s a small cushioned chair wherein toys can be stored; even its style harmonizes with the other furniture inside the room.

Probably the cutest items are the bee slippers on the rug and the butterfly figurine by the window! It’s the best example of a fully floral bedroom for your daughter! You’re not missing anything, and nothing is out of place.

Source – Amaza Design – Floral

You can also decorate the bottom of the walls with fence wall decors wherein you can insert and stick flower crafts and some insect designs to complete the nature feel of it!

Don’t forget to part the windows in the morning, so you’re daughter will happily wake up to the sight of her bright-colored floral room. It’s actually the ideal room look for you to be welcomed by positivity and hope early in the morning! It’s nice if you will wake up before the sun rises, it would be fantastic to witness how the sunlight slowly splashes brightness and makes the colors in the room show as the sun wakes up too!


Home with Kids

Your daughter deserves the best in everything, and as a parent, it’s absolutely just want you want to give her. A charming bedroom where she can relax, play, have fun and grow is one of the things you can make for her. Just see to it that she will love it too. 

Most of all, put safety, comfort and convenience on your top considerations before choosing any theme and executing any design plan! They’re still the most important things to prioritize.

Hopefully, this list have helped you. You can always read back when you need some creative ideas to look into! 



For Nicole Ann Pore, as cliche as it sounds, there is no place like home. She believes that is not only a responsibility but also a privilege to create and take care of a house where home is built. Nicole writes on topics that reveal the essence of a nice home, as well as home care and improvement tips. She is a daytime writer for Wincrest Bespoke, one of New South Wales’ most experienced home residential builders. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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