In Business since 1996.We offer Interior and outside artistic creation services,including decay fix and carpentry fix and replacement.We utilize just the best materials and paint.


With regards to painting your home, let the specialists at Kent Nelson Painting accomplish the difficult work. We start with three levels upkeep bundles in the event that your outside needs some additional TLC, and afterward follow our demonstrated three stage reclamation approach:

– Preparing the Surface

It is fundamental to set up the surfaces of your home before applying new paint. Kent Nelson Painting begins by inspecting the home for issue regions, supplanting spoiled wood and caulking any splits, gaps or flaws.

– Designing a Color Scheme

Kent Nelson Painting offers a complimentary discussion with an expert creator who will assist you with building up a shading plan that will coordinate your vision for your home.

– Applying a Lasting Finish

Kent Nelson Painting just uses top of the line paint items from Benjamin Moore Paint. At least two coats are applied through a sprayer to uniformly cover the surface. The surface is then back moved for more profound paint infiltration.


Between picking the correct hues, setting up the room and covering hard to arrive at territories, inside canvas can be a problem! This is the reason we planned moderate inside artwork bundles so you can kick back and let the aces accomplish the work.

– Professional Interior Design

Kent Nelson Painting offers a complimentary conference with an expert originator who will assist you with building up a shading plan that will coordinate your vision for your home.

– Prepare Surface and Room

Our expert drywall team fixes all difficult zones and imperfections. We cautiously set up the room by evacuating all furnishings and covering floors, windows and trim.

– Eco-Friendly, Low Odor Finish

Have no more stresses over paint smells penetrating your home.

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