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Facebook Incorporation is a California based company providing American online social media and social networking services. It was developed by Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow students and roommates at Harvard University. Together with Amazon, Apple, and Google, it is labeled one of the big four tech companies.
You can get the Facebook Application from Internet-connected devices such as personal computers, laptops, and smartphones. Users can create a custom profile after registration that contains details about themselves. We can post text, images, and multimedia that is shared with any other user who has agreed to be their friend. Click here to know more about Facebook accounts.

What is Facebook Account Hacking?
If we talk about hacking your Facebook account, we say hacking your account, not exploiting it as part of a larger data breach. This means someone got into your account somehow, often by stealing your password for Facebook or your password for email. Once someone has access to your account, all of your data can be accessed and even locked out of your account. Here is the detail of how to tell your Facebook friend from a Facebook hacker.

Out of Character Posts
We’ll go out on a guess and say aunts usually don’t want to give sexual links to their closest friends and family members. This post is a way out of character for her, which makes it highly likely that someone else will use her profile. The link sent from your account will probably send you to a fake site or encourage you to install a false Facebook application that wanted to steal your data.

Abnormal Language Used in the Posts
With the global influence of the internet, it is possible to hack a Facebook account from anywhere in the world. Hackers will try as best they can to seduce the hacked account user. The concern is that if the hacker is not a native of their attacker’s country, they may not be able to decode correctly the idiomatic phrases or local language used in the hacked account user.

Asking for Money or Personal Information
There’s a common fraud on Facebook where a hacker using a hacked account seduces someone and posts that they need money because they’re lost or stuck in a foreign country without their passport, wallet or anything else. Their Facebook friend, ready to help a friend in need, contacts them with cash only to find out later that a hacker deceived them.
What about if your friend is in need and lost? You would hate to be stuck, call your friend’s family to see if the story is true. If you are unable to verify the story by phone or other means, ask your friend which could be a hacker questions that only your friend would know the answers they can not find on your Facebook profile page and not the stuff they should find on your profile.

Where is the Place of the Post
When you see a strange post on your wall, check to see if it’s on some of your friends ‘ walls as well. Many hackers and rogue Facebook apps will try to spread their links like a virus by abusing the Facebook permission enabled by many of us. Most of the inappropriate applications post the same scam or hacking link to each friend’s wall.
How Can You Safe Your Facebook Account
Once you have been hacked, you are required to learn all the errors you have made and hopefully, you are not going to make them again. This is the time to learn about and how to defend yourself from social manufacturing attacks.

Change Your Password
The reporting feature on Facebook would allow you to do so, but even if it’s a harmless hack, change the password to be secure. Edit all your other passwords while you’re at it, too. Passwords may be shared with other applications on your Facebook account.

Improve Security and Privacy Settings of Your Facebook Account
We highly recommend that you update your Facebook settings once you are back in control.
Update your contact details, add additional email addresses or mobile phone numbers that you have access to under Settings to General. Also, remove those you don’t have access to anymore. Set up additional security measures, including unrecognized login warnings, two-factor authentications.

Removal of Suspicious Apps
It’s not an evil person who has compromised your account at random. You may have just given access to a fraudulent Facebook request that stole your account afterward. So never give access to any suspicious applications.
Report to Facebook about Hacker
Facebook has a handy URL, where you can let them know that your account has been hacked, even if your account is not available. You will be asked to type in your account opening phone number or email address.

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