Of all the disruptions being caused amongst businesses across the world, cybercrime has caught the spotlight for some time now. Enterprises are now devising business strategies in accordance with cybersecurity to prevent cyber attacks. Whether it is an organization or people working for an organization, securing the entire system and the network is important. On one side, we see enterprises constantly facing cyber threats. While on the other hand, people continue falling for phishing attacks because they are unaware of the malicious cybercrimes. Hackers have grown sophisticated with their attacking skills over the passage of time, and it is not so easy to respond to cyberattacks in the wake of the current events. This is why organizations look for a reliable penetration testing company to explore new ways to identify their weaknesses and take measures to prevent the risk of being attacked.

Difference Between Modern and Traditional Pen-Testing

In the past, pen-testing was considered as a bizarre activity. It was ought to highlight the problems in an organization’s system/network with the help of ethical hackers. Pen testers were supposed to break into their systems and once they highlighted their weaknesses, they would fix then. However, modern pen-testing focuses on highlighting the critical vulnerabilities and security issues, and also includes the way in which the business can be exploited. Thus, a modern pen-tester has to be dynamic and have access to all the latest penetration testing techniques.

Skills of a Modern Pen-Tester

Social Engineering Tactics 

According to research, more than 60% of cyberattacks contain phishing and social engineering attacks. Thus, modern pen-testers should be aware of the various attacks that malicious hackers cause by using social engineering methods. A penetration testing company ensures that they have skilled and experienced pen-testers to improve the security of organizations. 

Manual and Automated Penetration Testing 

A modern pen-tester should have skills to utilize both, automated and manual penetration testing tools. All pen-testing tools are not automated, so there are many manual tools that require expert skills to exploit them. 


Cyber attacks are no longer restricted to websites and networks. Therefore, a modern pen-tester has the ability to test different platforms like mobile phones, cloud, database, IoT devices, etc. 

Structured Work 

Due to the interconnectedness of the cyberspace, it is important to define a scope for penetration testing. A modern pen-tester sets the scope of penetration testing and setting a proper and structured work process. 

Strong Reporting Skills

A penetration testing company provides reports to an enterprise after conducting pen-testers. Modern pen testers should have strong reporting skills as these reports are going to be the main evidence of their jobs. Thus, they should be able to report effectively.

The modern pen testers have to be different and more dynamic than the traditional pen-testers. Thus, it is extremely important for these testers to realize the importance of their role and use their expertise to achieve the best results. A good report defines and justifies the efforts of a good penetration tester.