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The age-old debate between car modifications and their ability to increase the value of your car is still ongoing. It seems that car owners and enthusiasts can’t agree on this matter, and it really is no surprise as to why that is simply because it is a complex discussion that involves many different aspects. 

If you are thinking of modifying your car’s exhaust system in the Philippines or elsewhere, it would be helpful for you to understand what it can and can’t do for your car. It is not even a given that car modifications boost performance, so when you are thinking about increasing its value you have to know the different factors that affect it. That being said, here is what you need to know about modifying your car with regard to performance and value. 

Not all car modifications increase value

It would be a blatant lie to say that car modifications can never increase the value of your car. While in most cases it will decrease your car’s value, there are also specific instances where it does the opposite. This is why you have to be careful and choose the right kinds of modifications to add. The general rule of thumb is that any modification that takes existing parts and improves on them are seen as good investments. If the parts you are looking to replace are notorious for being, for the lack of a better term, bad. The implementation and quality of the parts that are going to be installed are also important. You have to source them from a reputable seller and have them installed by experienced professionals. 

Value is also somewhat subjective and would depend on who you are looking to sell your vehicle to. If you can tailor your car modifications to the wants of your seller, then it would certainly increase its value

Specific modifications that do increase value

In terms of specific things you can change, here are some modifications that generally increase the value of your car.

Leather seats

Introducing new leather seats in your car would make it more attractive to many buyers simply because it exudes a feeling of luxury. It will also make it look like it provides comfort and class. While it may not improve performance, it can make the driver more comfortable and improve his or her driving experience — something that is also important for many drivers. 

If your car does not have leather seats, consider looking for a color other than black as it absorbs heat, making the seat and the cabin in general hotter. 

Dual exhaust

The next modification you should be looking at is getting dual exhaust installed. This is one of those modifications that can increase both performance and value, however, it only applies to a specific type of vehicle: sports cars. 

Dual exhaust pipes help in removing engine exhaust as well as minimize the noise that the exhaust system creates. Its aesthetic appeal is also worth noting as it makes a sports car more ‘sporty’. If you are looking to improve your vehicle’s exhaust system in the Philippines or any other location, dual exhaust pipes are an attractive option. 

New tires and rims

If you are a car aficionado then you would already know that nothing beats a brand new set of wheels with some nice rims to boot. In fact, one of the fastest ways you can discourage a potential seller from buying your car is by leaving it with some worn-out tires. They give off the idea or notion that your car is not well-taken cared of. Performance-wise, old tires can negatively affect the quality of driving experience as well as the safety of the passengers.  

If you are thinking of changing your wheels, then you should also take the time to change the rims as well. There is little value in changing the wheel without changing the rims and vice-versa. However, do remember that subpar rims will lower your car’s value. The more expensive your vehicle is, the harder it will be for you to choose an appropriate set of rims because car manufacturers already invest a lot into fitting rims that suit the vehicle. 

Choose wisely for both and try to go for trendy designs and brands if you are looking to sell your car in the near future. 

Be smart about modifying

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there can be more modifications and ways to improve your car’s performance and value. However, you have to be smart about it. It is not easy to find the appropriate modification. You will have to do plenty of research to get it right. Do not force-fit anything because that is a quick way to lower your car’s value. Before looking at aftermarkets and 3rd-party sellers, try looking at your car manufacturer or OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer) catalog for better and modern parts that never made it to your vehicle because these will always fit the best. 

Key Takeaway

Car modifications are a tricky business. It almost always leads to the lowering of your car’s value regardless if it improves performance. However, if done properly and with quality parts, it will do the exact opposite. Don’t do anything without extensively researching and evaluating your options.

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