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How can Tyre technologies enhance performance?

Everything around us requires updating for better performance, and sometimes to expand the range of its function. The telephone was invented for communication, then it was transformed into a mobile phone. Later more features were included in it, like a calculator, the camera, etc. The main idea behind this upgrade was convenience. In the same way, tyres can be upgraded with advanced technologies for better performance, safety and convenience.

Many tyre brands like Goodyear, Dunlop, Continental, Michelin etc are researching to make driving more efficient and safe. Below mentioned are some of the tyre technologies that have been developed so far:


This technology was developed by Dunlop. A battery-less chip is placed inside the tyres, which displays information like tyre pressure, temperature, etc. This information is used by the central system of the car to make certain adjustments and deliver better performance. For example, the information provided by the chip will make ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) more effective by considering Car Tyres condition.

AMT (Air Maintenance Technology)

A technology by Goodyear, it monitors the tyre pressure, and inflates the tyre automatically if required. All the components of AMT are present inside the tyre, like the pump which inflates the Tyres Sheffield. Inflation is done according to the required PSI (pounds per square inch). As the tyre pressure is always monitored, this technology will help in achieving better fuel economy and vehicle safety.

SSR (Self-supporting run-flat) tyres

This technology was developed by Continental to deal with the flat tyre situation. The major role in this technology is played by the sidewall. Usually, the sidewall collapses and the tyre slips out of the rim in case of flat-tyres, but that doesn’t happen in SSR tyres. Even in the situation of a puncture, these tyres allow the user to drive normally up to a distance of 80 km. This saves time, and also saves space for carrying a spare wheel.


It is a technology by Continental to reduce the interior noise up to 9 DB(decibel). Reduction in noise depends upon the type of the vehicle, surface and the speed of the vehicle. Polyurethane foam is attached to the inner side of the tread with an adhesive. There is no drop in performance, mileage, or load/speed capability of the vehicle because of it. It functions well in all weather and climatic conditions.

It can be seen how these technologies will be beneficial to us. For example, AMT saves you the time required for visiting the garage to get tyre pressure checked and inflated, which is convenient. On the other hand, it ensures the safety and the performance of the vehicle by keeping tyre pressure accurate.

SSR Tyres Sheffield can deal with flat-tyres without any need of carrying a spare wheel. We can say that these tyre technologies make driving safe, efficient and convenient.

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