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Air conditioning is certainly one of the best advances that modern science has given to us. Given the extreme weather conditions, it’s becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Air conditioners provide comfort zone to people in their offices and homes from the heat-induced factors.

Air conditioners have been capturing the market for many many years. If we talk about Fenham Garage Services, they have been into business for more than two decades! The reason is quite simple. Air conditioners have been a major requirement for any person. Without them, it would have been really difficult to manage extreme temperatures.

Considering the weather, air conditioners prove to be the best buddies of humans beings!

They filter the air, help remove pollutants and create a clean environment for us to live. Apart from improving air quality, they can also increase job performance, physical and intellectual activities, and reduce the risk of dehydration.

Despite being the most effective and efficient appliance for humans, sometimes there are technical flaws in the air conditioner that one can’t ignore. These flaws can range from inadequate quality to bad functioning etc.

But we need not worry! Fenham Garage Services is a one-stop solution for all the technical glitch one can face with the air conditioners.

They have laid down a few common and potential faults that they are happy to work on-

Let’s have a look-

Poor Cooling- One of the major problems of air conditioners is that it is not blowing out cool air. The most obvious cause for this could be thermostat being set to the maximum, or the condenser could be dirty. Either way, it is always better to get the condenser professionally cleaned or the thermostat changed.

Condenser Not Working- This usually happens because of the power tripping. One must check if there are any electrical faults.

Leaking Air Conditioner- This might be because of the broken pump or condenser. Also, if the drain hole is blocked by dirt, the water can overflow and cause a leak. If neither of the reasons is there, it is advised to call for professional help.

Shutting off and on – This problem is also known as ‘Short Cycling’. It can be an expensive problem if not correctly looked over. There are few causes of short cycling which must be repaired by the professional as soon as it is seen. A few causes are- Faults with the condenser, dirty air filter, shortage of refrigerant.

Apart from these, Air conditioning Newcastle Upon Tyne generally has 15 years of lifetime, with only minimal maintenance involved. However, there are technical malfunctions reported which can or cannot be accorded with the above stated. Either way, one can always reach to Fenham Garage Services for an easy, quick, and affordable solution to any of the technical defect.

For more information, contact us, at 01912 722322 to know more about MOT Newcastle. You can also visit us and get your car ready for its MOT test.

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