Coronavirus, COVID-19, Sars Cov-2, Pandemic, global health crisis, etc are some of the words which we are hearing all the time as of now. I am pretty sure that no one in the world would have thought that just 4-5 months ago our lives will change this much and take such a turn. More than half the world’s population is under lockdown, scientists are struggling very hard to come up with a vaccine, antivirals, better tests, isolation and virus fighting methods.

Recently another trend of cyber attacking computers in the name of Coronavirus has been surfacing. Some hackers are sending malware which makes a computer crash, through email, softwares, etc. If you are working from home and your computer crashes, then taking it to a repair shop is not easy under this lockdown. Both of these above mentioned incidents are happening right now as we speak. And when something like this happens, the impact is not just on physical health or the loss of the computer system, but also on mental health.

Effects of Coronavirus on Mental Health

So how does Coronavirus affect mental health? There are no signs of Coronavirus damaging mental health directly as of now but there are a lot of indirect ways where it is driving people towards anxiety, depression, stress, loss of focus, insomnia, social anxiety, and the list goes on and on. How does it affect you indirectly? Here are some examples through which you can understand.

Mallick was a daily wage worker in a metro city, miles away from his hometown. When the government announced lockdown, he and all of his co-workers were all forced into lockdown. Since he was getting paid for only the time he was working. So when he stopped working, his income died. Slowly his rations and his savings all eroded. He will be homeless soon as he has no money to pay the rent. Now he is fighting not only with Coronavirus but also with hunger, anxiety, tension. It affects our mental health in a various zone like fear zone, learning zone, growth zone

Jamie is a policeman in a developing country. The government in his state has asked all of the police force to be on duty 24×7. Though they should also be following social distancing but are required in the line of duty. So they risk their lives daily to ensure that lockdown is observed by the people efficiently and catch the people who go against rules. Jamie has an old aged mother who waits for her son daily at home all alone. No one knows, not even herself. But she suffers from anxiety, depression and cries all day.

The above two examples are not fictional, they are true and paint the honest picture of today’s society. And not only these people, but millions and probably billions of people are out there, suffering, silently in the four walls of their home.

So what can be done?

Since we are at home and not all of us can afford getting help online from a psychologist. Here are some steps that you can take to alleviate the stress if not, get rid of it completely. Have a look.


Meditation is always good, effective and recommended. It helps improve focus, releases tension and helps keep one calm. This ancient practice has a lot of benefits which can be enjoyed with regular practice. You can also try mobile applications to learn different meditation techniques and breathing exercises on best mental health blogs. The best thing about most of them is that they are free of cost, easy-to use and quite innovative. So go ahead and give them a try!


Breaking a sweat is never a bad option. It is best. It helps keep you fit and also boosts immunity. Which is necessary if you are going to fight against diseases, pathogens, viruses. It aids in digestion and you can sleep more peacefully.


We overlook the most simple and important activity that we can do. Sleeping not only helps your body relax and maintains immunity but also works as a wonderful stress buster. Try sleeping when you are emotionally overwhelmed or have cried a lot. There is beauty in it.

Sing and Dance:


Do you sing when you are in the shower? No? You are missing on something which is a bliss in itself. Sing your heart and lungs out the next time you are showering and then notice your mood. Dance when no one is watching you. Close the doors and let your body kick the tension aside.


Don’t worry, I am not asking you to sit down and start mugging up your school books. Google up whatever query arises in your mind and you will learn it. Start practicing your hobby and skills again. There is a lot of time in a day.


24 hours are too less. Right? Yes? If it is so, then my friend, you need to start managing your time more effectively. There is a lot that you can do if you just stop scrolling your social media. Trust me, it eats a lot of time.

So these are some of the steps that I wanted to share with you. The lockdown, no one knows, till how long it may go on. And there are people who are suffering. We don’t consider mental health to be of much importance until we find ourselves taking medicines for it. Don’t ignore it but at the same time don’t stress too much over it too. It may be possible that you are stuck alone at home, miles away from family and friends. Don’t worry about it. Hundred thousands others are too. And remember like all other things in life “This too shall pass”. So get in Zen mode, ignore all the fake news and rumour stuff. You have the power of the internet to cross check all facts. If you are being troubled with the finances then you can volunteer to work in essential services. They will keep working even in lockdown and will help you to earn and buy at least basic commodities. There are also many community services which are providing free food to people who can’t afford it. Similarly if you see someone in need. Go ahead and help him while observing social distancing. There is true happiness in helping the needy, unconditionally. Finally, I want to request that you stay safe and stay home.

Thanks for reading!