As per the Economic Times, each week, the Income Tax Department receives around 15-25 lakh applications for new PAN cards. The whooping number can be accredited to the significance of PAN cards in fulfilling expensive transactions. For instance, it serves as one of the mandatory identity proofs and is an essential requisite to file income tax.

Consequently, it becomes exceptionally crucial for individuals to avail a reprint of PAN card at the earliest in the event of loss, theft, misplacement or damage of the same. As a means to ensure a replacement PAN is availed in a hassle-free manner, individuals must be aware of the application process.

Applying process for a reprint of PAN card

To avail a reprint PAN card, a series of steps have to be followed. Individuals are at liberty to opt for either the online process or the offline method of the same.

  • For online applicants

These pointers highlight all steps that have to be followed while applying for PAN card reissue online –

Step 1 – Visit TIN-NSDL’s official website.

Step 2 – Click on the option ‘Reprint of PAN Card’.

Step 3 – Provide all required information; after confirming the accuracy of the same, click on the submit option.

Step 4 – A token number will be generated and will be shared via your registered email. Individuals must keep the generated number in handy for future reference.

Step 5 – Provide all the requisite information under ‘Personal Details’.

Step 6 – Opt for the most suitable mode of submission of the issue of duplicate PAN card from among – paperless option through e-KYC and e-sign, in-person or scanned images via e-sign.

Step 7 – Choose either e-PAN card or a physical copy of PAN option.

Step 8 – Extend requisite details under ‘Contact and Other Details’ and ‘Document Details’ then proceed to apply for a reprint of PAN card.

Step 9 – After paying the requisite fee through the authorised payment page, an acknowledgement number would be generated.

Step 10 – With the help of the 15-digit acknowledgement number, individuals can track the status of a reprint of their PAN card lost.

Most cases of data breaches, including PAN card lost in India, are often closely related to fraud and identity theft. To have a financial safeguard against such situations, it is wise to have an identity theft insurance cover handy. It will help cover the financial liabilities that may emerge while your PAN card application is under process.

  • For offline applicants

These pointers highlight all steps that have to be followed while applying for reissue of PAN card offline –

Step 1 – Visit TIN-NSDL’s official website.

Step 2 – Download and print the form under ‘Request for new PAN card’.

Step 3 – Provide details for the 10-digit PAN.

Step 4 – Two passport size photographs have to be attached and attested with the PAN card missing reissue form.

Step 5 – Provide accurate information and sign the form as and where required.

Step 6 – Submit the form along with a requisite fee, proof of PAN, proof of identity and proof of address to the mentioned address at the bottom of the application form.

Step 7 – Avail a 15-digit acknowledgement number and check your card’s status with its help.

Once the Income Tax Department receives the stated application form, the duplicate PAN card would be dispatched within the next 14 days. This entire may be cumbersome and require individuals to complete several steps.

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Similarly, one can opt for purse care policies to avail financial benefits when availing a replacement PAN card.

Such insurance policies not only helps avail a quick replacement for the PAN card lost but also helps block all insured credit and debit cards with a single call.