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We often tend to pack more than the requirement when embarking on an adventure trip. Most items you pack in your bags while traveling should be useful at your destination. 

Overpacking regularly manifests as an inconvenience while traveling instead of being useful. Packing light reduces your weariness as you do not need to lift the heavy load regularly while traveling. 

Safety should be the primary target when packing to go abroad or somewhere you have never been to before. Blending in with your surroundings will keep you safer and helps you avoid the eye of thieves. You should also avoid flashy clothing and jewelry as a precaution. 

If you are a novice traveler, you might be facing some difficulties in deciding which items you should avoid packing. So, what are the extra luxury items you must avoid while going on an adventure?

Extra Luxury Items You Must Avoid Packing On An Adventure

1. Avoid Carrying Valuables And Jewellery

Carrying your valuables when you travel, puts you in a precarious situation. Jewelry can attract the attention of pickpockets and chain snatchers, and you may become an open target for thieves. Avoid bringing more than one or two devices along with you as there are chances for misplacement or stealing.


Having valuables with you will also compel you always to be vigilant of your surroundings, which will prevent you from enjoying the experience. If you have no choice other than bringing valuables with you, a safe will be available in every hotel which you can use to safeguard them. 

2. Avoid Towels, Toiletries And Makeup

Toiletries can take up plenty of space in your luggage that you can use for packing essential items. Most of the toiletries you pack will hardly come to use due to the time constraints while traveling. You will also probably not be spending your adventure time in a hotel room. 

Besides, you can make use of towels and toiletries available for free in most hotel rooms while you are there. You can get every essential toiletry items directly from the hotel if you ask them even if they are not available in the room by default. You must also avoid taking makeup on an adventure other than the basics, as you will not be partying every day. 


3. Guitars, Camera Accessories And Tripods

You may love to play your guitar and exhibit your skills in a public place in front of strangers. However, a guitar may turn out to be an inconvenience while traveling, especially in the tight spaces in public transports. If traveling by car, make sure your car has roof racks equipped. These racks can make your travel comfortable by accommodating any extra luggage. 

Unless you are a professional photographer, do not carry the extra lenses and accessories along with your camera. Avoid carrying a tripod as it will be a massive inconvenience to you and other travelers. Using point and shoot cameras will enable quick capture of pictures as well as occupy minimal space in your bags.


4. Full-Size Pillows

Full-size pillows may not be heavy, but they can consume most of your luggage space. Avoid packing a full-size pillow at all costs. If you require a pillow, get an inflatable pillow, which is convenient for sleeping in all modes of travel. 

Deflating of inflatable pillows after use will make it convenient to pack it in your luggage without taking up extra space. Hotels and other accommodations will also provide you with pillows when you book rooms. 


5. Avoid Too Many Shoes

Carrying multiple pairs of shoes along with you while adventuring can be irritating and exhausting. Using versatile shoes can provide you with the option of wearing it for several occasions without feeling out of place. Avoid impractical shoes such as high heels as there will hardly be an opportunity to use it while on an adventure.


Understanding the local culture and sentiments regarding dressing and footwear will give you insights on which type of shoe to pack. One or two pairs of footwear will probably be sufficient for all your needs.


6. Avoid Large Adventure Equipment And Souvenirs

You may prefer using the expensive adventure gear you for your adventures, but it can prove to be an inconvenience. If the gear is bulky such as snorkeling gear, you may not be able to accommodate it in your bag, and you will need a secondary bag. 

Huge souvenirs you take to place in your home when you get back can become a huge impediment when doing adventure activities. You will also risk damaging the souvenir in the cargo due to rough handling or during hiking or exposure to water.


As a part of human society, all of us like to buy things. It is only later that we realize that the satisfaction we get by buying things is only momentary. Adventures, on the other hand, give us endless happiness and unforgettable memories.

Consumerism is all around us, and society drills the message in our minds that we can only buy our way to happiness. In retrospection, the excitement of buying material things fades quickly, and we feel the compulsion to buy the next thing to keep us happy in an endless cycle of consumerism. 

Contrary to popular belief, spending your money on adventures instead of materials can dramatically improve your happiness. According to a study by the San Francisco State University, people who spend money on adventures instead of materials are happier, and their joy is also long-lasting. 

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