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In a group of 50 students, few of them perform exceedingly well in study whereas some lies in between the bar of average and some struggle to meet the level expectations. Reasons can be the concentration, ability to grasp the topic, lack of preparation, and struggle in managing the time to prepare. However, the exact reason is necessary to find, ones the reason is clear, students get the guidance in overcoming the target and improve. In the era of technology, countless applications support to manage the time and preparation to excel academically. Pupils are provided, online quizzes, animated lessons, video tutorials, and many other resources online for better preparation.

There are applications available which track the growth of the students by providing tests. There is one unique leaning app that uses flashcards to help the student to memories the lessons properly. The flashcard app is available in all the versions like android, I-mac, windows etc.

Flashcard App:

As per the name, this app has differed flashcards named as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. These cards are provided to segregate the topics as per the understanding. So, the completely unknown topic will be assigned to card 0 and the topic where the pupil feeling struggle will go to card 1 and 2 as per their level of difficulty. Flashcards 4 and 5 would have the topics which are very much familiar to the student. This is the way of segregating data of different subjects.

Benefits of Flashcard App:

  • Splitting the topic into the level of difficulty

It takes a good amount of time when the students check the lessons regularly. They have the whole syllabus in the form of books or online lessons. Now they need to search as per their requirement to learn. Flashcards allow splitting the topic as per their understanding. Like cards 0, 1, and 2 will have the topics which need most attention whereas card 4 and 5 are not required access daily as the topic are quite familiar, and student can work on them confidently.

  • Correcting errors at the same time

Flashcards will have the data and topics as per your requirement. Let’s say you are memorizing the topics of card 0, and there are around five questions and answers. These cards will arrange as per your memory. So the card whose question and answer memories by the student correctly will go at the end and the card where the most struggles is recorded will align in front. Through this, the students will be aware that which are the topics required most revision

  • Appropriate Revision

Repetition of the cards is fun when you see your growth through the shift of the subject from cards 0 or 1 to cards 4 or 5. Your target and achievements are visible to you in the form of flashcards. More cards added to flashcard 5 means you are getting very confident. Through card 0, understand your target and go for a repeated revision. Time that might have consumed in sorting the targets is now saved because of the flashcard and can be spent on revision. Once you have no cards in flashcard 0, 1, and 2, that means you have learnt the things properly. Now you can insert another topic as per your level of understanding.

So grab the opportunity by downloading the flashcard app android, i-mac and the entire suitable versions available in store. Spent your time wisely to attain excellence.

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