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Why is there a growing need of IoT Cybersecurity Standards? Well, let’s dip deep into it!

As more gadgets in the home and office get connected with the web, the digital security of the internet of things is now turning out to be a crucial concern. With every one of those smart devices connected with edge gateways or cloud platforms, IoT won’t just produce a bigger amount of data than any other technology; it will also create the fastest data streams, constantly flowing through the sensors.

IoT, IIoT and edge computing are growing at an incredibly quick pace. According to a report, the IoT spending will surpass the $ 1 trillion by 2022. As everything from smart assistants to the self-driving cars, and from smart meters in factories to healthcare devices, the extension of the IoT market reflects that of a booming business sector. With such a high level of device connectivity comes a potential hazard to data security. Events like hackers shutting down IoT gadgets and targeted attacks against the enterprise infrastructure, including the electric dams and even nuclear offices have come to light in the past few years. It seems that IoT security might not just be about enterprise data security but also in the interest of national security.


Why are IoT Devices more Vulnerable?


IoT devices interact with the web in ways conventional IT devices usually do not. The effectiveness of cybersecurity and privacy features are often different for IoT devices than the conventional IT devices as they might run on different operating systems. IoT security is one of those features that is still visualized to be a costly add-on or idea in review in the development of both chips and frameworks associated with systems.

The Iot’s security difficulties are particularly overwhelming in light of the fact that they require shielding devices outside of conventional enterprise boundaries. Moreover, these endpoints are intended for lightweight information transmissions- not the enterprise grade security norms.


IoT Cyber security Standards


In the US, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has been working to establish IoT cybersecurity standards for a long time. In fact, the state of California in the US passed the first IoT cybersecurity standard that holds IoT gadget makers to higher security standards.

In Europe, ETSI Technical Committee on Cybersecurity has also released ETSI TS 103645, an IoT Cybersecurity Standard.  The IoT landscape is chaotic and IoT Cybersecurity Standards are critically important for India as the country is one of the biggest targets for IoT attacks in the world, according to a recent report.

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