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Any kitchen is incomplete without a juicer. A healthy balanced diet should be of top priority for us so that we can enjoy all the little and big things in life. A balanced diet, enriched with fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, eggs and dairy products, is responsible for providing the essential carbohydrates, fibre, proteins, minerals and vitamins to your body, which in turn ensures that all your bodily functions run smoothly.

‘Drink’ Your Food

You might feel that all of this is a little too much to include in your everyday meal; you mightnot even eat so much. The best alternative is to drink it and that is where the juice maker plays an important role. All the fruits and vegetables that you are unable to include in your diet plan can be crushed into juices and all the nutrition from it can be absorbed by your body just as if you are eating them.

Keep Hydrated

When you are drinking the juice prepared using a juicer machine at home, you can see that you are providing your body with fluids. Even when eating the fruits and vegetables, the same amount of fluid would have entered the body but would have taken longer to process. The juice form is easier to assimilate in the body.

Be Chemical Free

The juices available in the market have additives and preservatives, which can be harmful to your body in the long run. Making fresh juices ensures that you are consuming the fruits and only the fruit. You can rest assured that there will be no undesired chemical-laden preservatives (found in packaged juices)allowed to enter your body.


When you prepare the juice, you take care that all the surroundings and the equipment used are clean and germ-free. You cannot be sure of that for any store-bought juices. Hence, having a juicer in your kitchen also ensures your well-being in this manner.

Prepare Small Quantities

You don’t have to store juice in bulk. In fact, it is recommended to prepare the quantity you need and consume it. Storing juices prepared in large quantities can lead to the growth of bacteria that can be harmful. This would certainly not serve the purpose of fresh juice. It is possible to have the choice of how much juice you prepare only when you have your very own juicer.

Make Your Choice

When preparing the juice, you have the right to choose what fruit and vegetable you want to combine. When you purchase juice from restaurants of juice outlets, the options are limited and it is not easy to experiment with different flavours. With your own juice maker, you have the liberty to experiment and enjoy a variety of flavours.

To summarise, juices give you all the nutrition you need from fruits and vegetables without really having to eat them. You can prepare small quantities of a variety of juices to suit your taste buds and that too without the fear of having any undesired chemicals entering your systems. So, make your own healthy juice and enjoy your day!

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