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Whether or not you have a valid case is the first question that pops in minds. The second biggest question that people often asked is how much time it may take. An easy answer to it is that it depends on your lawyers. The type of your case and expertise of your solicitors are major factors. However, hiring a solicitor is itself a daunting process. It’s because of the inquiries that you have to go through while filing a case.

Here are the factors that decide how long solicitor’s inquiries may be. However, you can eliminate this time taking process by hiring expert solicitors in Manchester. All you have to do is to ease out the process from your side.

Factors That Affect the Enquiry Process

The first thing that a plaintiff must know is that every claim is different. Though you may find similarities in some cases, they aren’t entirely the same. There are plenty of variables that play their part. Background, your personal history, situation, negligence and other factors vary greatly.

Engaging the Attorney

Of course, you are going to hire a professional solicitor but timing is everything. If you had an accident, have suffered mentally or physically, you must hire a lawyer immediately. The sooner you consult a solicitor, the faster you’ll know what your legal options are.

Likewise, when you are hiring a solicitor, the inquiry process depends on some factors as well. We have enlisted the major aspects that can prolong or shorten this process.

1. Starting the Case

It’s actually the step where you would find out about your options. Whether or not you have a case and against whom you should file the claim. You’ll start the initial process and handle the paperwork. Plus, you are going to let the defendant know that you have an intention to make a claim.

The time limit for making a claim is also important. It’s better if you start as early as possible or after a recovery in case you were injured.

2.Discussing the Case Length

Your solicitor will inform you how much time the case may take. It depends on a number of factors that the lawyer will discuss with you. Some of the important points that you must know are:

  • Whether or not a court proceeding may take place
  • Whether the firm has the expert solicitors available to assist you
  • You case complexity
  • Whether liability is denied or admitted
  • How extensive efforts your lawyer has to put in the case
  • Impact of the matter/injury on your life
  • How efficient layers the defendant has

3.Information Collection

This is the most important part when you are filing a claim. Information collection determines how long do lawyer’s inquiries will take. Some important points that are important are:

  • How, when and where it happens
  • Nature of your case i.e. injuries or dispute
  • Information about other relevant details or losses that you’ve bear
  • Collecting witnesses information (for the court proceedings)
  • Detail information about the person, authority or people you believe are responsible

4.Discovery process

This is when your lawyer will dig up things and collect additional information. He or she will be taking witness statements and depositions. Your solicitor will get document evidence i.e. medical records, police reports, account details, etc. A skilled lawyer usually investigates whether there have been any previous disputes. After the discovery process, the solicitors move with the case for a court hearing.

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