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When you came across such an indication, search custom exhausts near me to get a new exhaust system. Most vehicle owners don’t pay much attention to exhaust issues. They think it’ll cost high whereas it doesn’t benefit as much. And many even don’t know how much a custom exhaust cost.

In this article, you’ll know what are the common reasons why exhausts fail? Also, you’ll know how to replace certain parts of an exhaust system and how much a new system may cost.

Causes of Exhaust Failure

There are various factors that force your exhaust stem to malfunction. Weather conditions, overheating, leaky engine oil and fluids can also start corrosion. Rough roads and heavy rains can cause wear and tear. Clogged air filter, small leaks in the pipes and material quality are some other factors.

Effects of a Faulty Exhaust

A vehicle that has a defected exhaust system can cost you. Any leakage or signs of corrosion can affect the fuel economy and price tag. Your vehicle will also fail the MOT which only costs you additional fine. Plus, you have to fix the issues immediately and emergency repairing will raise the bill amount.

How to Replace Your Exhaust System

When you take your vehicle for servicing, the mechanic should inspect the exhaust system. He should look for any signs of malfunction, damage or corrosion. If there is a sign of wear and tear, the mechanic must replace or repair that component to maintain the exhaust system. Here’s how you should treat certain components of your exhaust system.

Examining the Exhaust Silencer

The purpose of an exhaust silencer is to diminish the noise. This is the noise that a vehicle produces when waste gases are expelled from the engine. This component is present very close to the engine. Wet weather or heavy rains can cause corrosion and it may wear over time.

Inspecting Exhaust Pipes

Exhaust pipes are longer in length and are hidden underneath the vehicle. These are usually divided into different parts such as a rear pipe, center pipe, and downpipe. Your exhaust system may develop a leak where there is a connection between exhaust components. A thorough inspection is necessary to find out if there is such a leak.

Unclogging an Exhaust Pipe

Usually, the catalytic converter present in your exhaust system gets clogged. A clogged catalytic converter doesn’t allow exhaust gases to pass through it. An easy way to unclog is by using an additive. You can use this additive with petrol and clean your converter without opening it. It only costs £10 and you can save the money that you would pay for the mechanic.

Price of a Custom Exhaust System

The price of repairing or replacing an exhaust system is dependent on the vehicle. For a small vehicle like Kia, Daewoo or Dacia, you may have to pay around £300 for replacement and repairing. Whereas for family cars such as Vauxhall, Peugeot, Hyundai or Ford, the amount is around £300 to £400.  For luxury vehicles like Land Rover or BMW, the amount is around £600.

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