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The number one question that entrepreneurs ask while starting a business is, how many websites will cost? Unfortunately, the answer is not that simple at all.

The answer is similar to answering how much a house costs? There are uncontrollable variations that occur while you are buying a home.

The same goes for web design company. There is no single price that is right for website design and development. Every business has its requirements.

For instance, a small website will only contain a few pages, with contact us and about us page.

This website is for those who only want a website to showcase their clients across the globe. This website will cost something else.

While if you’re going to sell something on the website, you need to add a shopping cart page, product pages, plus a customer support page.

The design will vary as per the requirement of the client. If the business is small, it will cost low, but if there are extra pages, there will be technical aspects of the website.

When you figure out the features of your website, what you want from the website, it will be easy for you to decide which type of website you need.

If you have no idea what will be the cost of the website, this amazing infographic will help you decide what will be the cost of your website and how much budget you need for the website.

Furthermore, the process of website design will be streamlined.

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