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Neelam stone is mostly known as the blue sapphire stone. This is a very expensive gemstone and it is also considered to be the hardest ones among all the gemstones that are termed to be astrological and have certain benefits. Neelam is ruled by planet Saturn and thus it is indeed very powerful.

One can check the Neelam stone price from a well known stone shop if they intend to buy one. For example they can go to Khanna Gems because they have more than 30 years of history in selling gemstones and they are very experienced in this matter.

But what is the effect of buying and wearing a neelam stone? Well, it is said that if one wears this stone, then they start getting immediate effects. This stone has very strong powers and so it can also change the course of life of the wearer.

But this stone is definitely not for all. If one wants to wear a blue sapphire stone they need a proper recommendation for that. One must ask an experienced astrologer before wearing any gemstones and neelam is definitely included in the list. If they think of wearing this stone without consulting an expert, then this stone can affect them negatively as well. Like there can be some issues with health, accidents and financial matters.

If one is buying this stone then the price of this stone per ratti actually depends largely on how authentic and original they are. One must examine the luster, color and the cut of the stone minutely so that they can check the originality of it. Some blue sapphire stones are so rare that they are not even for sale but they are kept un museums as a part of rare collectibles. In this country, this particular stone is mostly imported from Sri Lanka because they do produce very good qualities.

Before wearing this stone one also needs to be very much aware of their major benefits. Here they are:

  • They can act very fast and the wearer can get the effect in an instant. If the one who is wearing it, the stone if suits them then it can bring a lot of good luck and they can get a lot of good opportunities when it comes to professional and personal front.
  • This stone can also increase the concentration power of the wearer. So this stone is said to be very much beneficial for students and those who are doing higher studies or research. 
  • This stone also has a lot of health benefits. One can thus buy neelam stone because they are great in improving the metabolic rate in the human body. They are also known to cure paralysis, kidney problems and bone cancer.
  • This stone can help one to protect themselves from any kind of negative thoughts and save one from someone else’s conspiracy.

One can wear them if they are a part of any creative career. They can shine on art and culture field. 


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