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Coronavirus is impacting doing business today. Only businesses with an online presence are surviving during these tough times where social distancing is strongly encouraged. Brick and mortar stores are closing with people switching to online stores to lessen the chances of exposure to the contagious virus. Pharmacies are keeping people safe by availing essential drugs on their online stores for various ailments.

Online pharmacies are playing a vital role in meeting the challenges of the medical industry brought about by coronavirus. These are proving to be robust alternatives to brick and mortar pharmacies. Innovativeness is the solution to offset the impacts of the pandemic during these challenging times. The pharmacy industry is essential to ensure that people get access to their prescription medication amid these pressing moments.

Solutions offered by e-pharmacies during the coronavirus pandemic

Grassroots activism
The anxiety caused by the coronavirus pandemic is causing significant turmoil. However, it is bringing out the best in some people during these trying moments. The formation of emergence groups is making delivery of medication easier for the pharmacy industry and seniors. The groups organize grassroots volunteering movements on social media platforms or do shopping for older people. human kindness is playing a significant role in keeping everyone safe amid COVID-19.

People have various needs when buying prescription medicine. A safe Canadian online pharmacy should have a range of medications for various ailments. This allows for finding all appropriate medication for a range of ailments from the same store. Equally important is for the e-pharmacy to offer affordable medication including generic medications to ensure ready availability. Apart from prescription medication, the store should also offer pet meds and over the counter medication.

Sharing Reliable and trustworthy information
There is an overdose of information about coronavirus flying about. This is making separating facts from fiction hard. Online pharmacies are sharing genuine information about the pandemic to protect customers from disinformation, rumors, and hoaxes. The pharmacy can also avail customers with information about stock levels and other vital information to prevent them from venturing out.

Additionally, this information also allows patients to understand medicines in stock. This is very important for people especially those having chronic conditions including asthma to be sure about access to inhalers. During the current crisis, access to information about the availability of essential medicines from an e-pharmacy gives peace of mind and protects you from anxiety.

Longer operating hours
Online pharmacies are making it easy to access essential medication in the best way possible. This is through longer operating hours during weekdays and weekends. You can purchase your medication from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays and 9:30 am to 3:30 pm on weekends. During after-business hours, you can leave a voicemail for your order to be processed as soon as possible.

Home delivery
The most significant benefit of online pharmacies during the coronavirus pandemic is the home delivery service. With everyone strongly advised to socially distance, visiting the local drugstore for essential medication seems too risky. Luckily, you can purchase medication online and have it delivered at your doorstep. This is convenient, time-saving, and maintains social distancing.

Some challenges facing e-pharmacies

Online pharmacies are facing a hard time operating efficiently because of stringent regulations. Keep in mind that reputable e-pharmacies offer over-the-counter medication, prescription drugs, and pet meds. However, the pharmacy should enforce strict procedures including requests for a doctor’s prescription before issuing medicines. The online pharmacy from where to purchase your medication should have certification and appropriate process checks.

Drug shortages
The medical industry is facing massive shortages in essential medicines. Many people have a bad habit of hoarding medication encouraging shortages in the market. Drug suppliers are facing about 30 to 40 percent increase in orders compared to those before coronavirus. There is a general outcry in the medical industry for the public to avoid stockpiling medicines and to act in the interests of the community.

Technology gap
People over 75 years are at a higher risk of coronavirus. keep in mind these usually have other underlying ailments that need regular prescription medication. While everyone is advised to stay at home, smartphones and tablets allow ordering medication from e-pharmacies. Unfortunately, only about 42 percent of seniors own smartphones leading to about 8 percent of their online prescriptions.

In the current crisis, this is a dangerous paradox. The elderly are very vulnerable to coronavirus and strongly advised to stay at home. Those that need essential prescription medication have to risk their health to reach local drug stores. There is a need to develop strategies including volunteer groups to deliver essential medicines to seniors in their homes.

COVID-19 pandemic is changing our lives considerably. Online pharmacies are making access to essential medication possible without having people risk their lives. A reputable e-pharmacy checks your prescription before availing prescription medication, over the country medicine, and pet meds. This happens without you having to line up at the local drug store and exposing yourself to the virus.

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