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The packaging of the product has crucial role to determine how well the product will be accepted by the buyers. This, in turn, contributes to the success of your business. When it comes to cosmetics, the customers want to get assure about the quality of the product before purchase. Excellent packaging is the best way to give this assurance. Custom designed cosmetic boxes make your brand easily identifiable on retail shelves. They provide a unique visual presentation to your products attracting the customers at a glance. Even if your cosmetic product is the best one in the market with the best ingredients and advanced features, unless it gets noticed by the potential buyers, everything goes in vain. All wholesale cosmetic packaging can make a wonderful contribution in this regard.

Ensure Complete Protection:

The main purpose of custom cosmetic boxes is to provide maximum protection to the items and deliver them safely to the customers. No matter how exceptionally you design your packaging, a damaged product destroys your brand image completely. To attract cosmetic buyers the safety of the product is essential to consider. That is why the wholesale cosmetic companies work on minute details of the packaging design to ensure the safe delivery of products. The packaging is designed from high-quality paperboard. This minimizes the risk of damage and protects the items from moisture, sunlight, pressure, and other potential hazards.

Choose an Appropriate Color:

The color of your cosmetic display units plays an important role in highlighting your brand in the marketplace. According to a research figure, the sales of makeup products are growing at a rate of more than 8% over the last few years. The main reason is the color. Once the cosmetic buyers were usually attracted to bold and bright packaging. The colors like red or pink were commonly used because of their association with passion and femininity. But nowadays, the packaging box manufacturers are experimenting with different tones to grasp the customers’ attention. The eco-conscious companies are designing their cosmetic packaging boxes by using variations of green, brown, or white to reflect their love for nature. While the brand which conveys edginess and darkness often relies on dark to neutral tones to convey an idea. Thus, color not only makes your cosmetics display cases appealing but plays an important role in describing your brand identity.

Create a Beauty Image through Font Styles:

The beauty industry is full of products that deliver their brand identity just by adopting a specific font. Many cosmetic buyers perceive fancy and cursive typography as a means to show femininity. Attractive font styles convey a sense of beauty and make people related their values with beauty ideals. As most of the cosmetic buyers are women, so it’s necessary to create a visually appealing packaging to attract them.

Layer The Product And Design Versatility:

Layering your products is an effective way to attract potential customers. It refers to how a product appears internally when someone purchases it. Especially while designing cosmetic subscription boxes, the companies work on this aspect to add to their brand value. Cosmetic products are first placed inside a primary packaging i.e. jar, tin, or any container. Depending upon the nature of the product, this primary package is afterward enclosed in a cardboard cosmetic box. It is referred to as secondary packaging. The main purpose of it is to provide the utmost protection to the product while transition or on retail shelves. Then there is the last layer that facilitates the customers in carrying their product. It is usually a branded shopping bag. Using this layering effect not only helps in brand promotion but also provides a great customer experience. To make your wholesale cosmetic packaging supplies more attractive you may also introduce versatility in design. Inside of designing a traditional shaped cosmetic box, you can work on its shape, closure, or any other aspect which gives it a unique look.

Highlight Product Attributes:

Designing cosmetic boxes in a way that they highlight product attributes is another effective way to attract cosmetic buyers. The companies should pay special attention to labeling the products with the necessary information. The brand’s name and logo are at the top of the list. They give a unique identity to your products than others in the competition. Other information includes ingredients, color, and directions to use, expiry, and harmful aspects (if any). Also, never forget to label the packaging with symbols indicating the conditions like whether the product:

• Contains hemp
• Made without animal testing
• Is cruelty-free
• Is vegan and natural
• Is dermatologically-tested
• Is paraben and allergy-free

A simple way of doing this is to use internationally-recognized symbols or by creating a list of ingredients and placing it somewhere on the product’s label. Highlighting the product attributes not only benefits the company but makes the consumers think about the product beyond just using it. This is the best way to develop brand loyalty.

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