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Dedicated server hosting

Dedicated server hosting is, without doubt, the most powerful hosting out there in the market. But have you ever thought, how powerful are these machines? How do they stack up against any other hosting service? Further, what makes a dedicated server more robust than any other hosting?

Well, you are about to find out.

When it comes to hosting two factors are widely known that seem to determine the quality of the service. These two factors are ‘performance’ and reliability.

There have been servers that were known to have top-notch reliability but failed to dominate the market primarily because reliability factor did not catch up.

But, when it comes to dedicated servers, these machines are not only powerful but also reliable. In fact, dedicated server hosting is so reliable that it outguns any other hosting that has ever existed.

What makes a dedicated server reliable?

To understand what makes a server reliable, we need to understand its functions. Put simply, reliability means how long a server is able to run at an optimum performance level. When it comes to hosting, reliability is measured using uptime and fault tolerance. Higher the fault tolerance, the higher the uptime, and better is the reliability.

The reliability with dedicated servers is the best one can have with any hosting service. The key reason is that dedicated machines allocate the entire hardware to one tenant. This not only allows the tenant to tune the server to his requirement but also facilitates better maintenance and optimization.

Often, it has been seen that infra that is jointly managed by two or more groups gives rise to a spree of conflicts that results in degradation of resources.

Because dedicated servers have one owner, the service is better managed and hence as reliable as a hosting solution can get.

What makes a dedicated machine so known for its performance?

Performance is key for every server. The difference between a high-performance and low-performance server is more tangible when the website is inundated with traffic. Not only can a dedicated server better manage traffic surge, but it can also help reduce any downtime that may outcome from server mismanagement.

Performance is proportional to the number of resources you have. Thus, more resources translate to a high-performance server. In a dedicated machine, whatever might be the resource, are all yours, regardless of whether there is enough traffic to consume resources or not.

Shared servers are mourned for having the maximum downtime among all hosting services. So if your website is one that is almost always crammed with visitors, a shared server can ruin visitor’s on-site experience. Shared services are shared in the sense that the server resource is common for hundreds or maybe thousands of websites. Traffic surge in one of the websites is capable of draining the entire server resource, making it unavailable for other sites.

With dedicated hosting, this is not the case. No part of the resource is shared with any other site and is solely intended for the use of a single tenant. No matter how great the traffic is, the entire server is available to cater to your specific demands.

So, are dedicated servers the best?

Dedicated hosting might be or might not be the best solution for you. While it is top-notch performance and unmatched reliability with a dedicated host, the exorbitant cost is prohibitive. Bottom line is – you do not necessarily need the most expensive hosting plan, but to carve the niche you need a hosting solution that best caters to your needs.

But when a combination of performance and reliability is the requirement, there isn’t a better tool than having a dedicated server hosting.

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