The Christmas season is approaching fast. Every year it is observed to be the most profitable time for retail businesses. This is why many repair businesses prepare beforehand to benefit most from this season. Some repair stores even make up to 40% of their yearly revenue in Q4 alone and a major chunk of it comes from the Christmas season. This data comes from a report released by a prominent Point of sale software for repair stores. So if you are thinking of how you can benefit from this season here are a few pointers to point you in the right direction.

Enhance Online Experience

Christmas season is one where people love to visit the market to purchase gifts for their friends and relatives. As enjoyable the experience is, it can get a bit bothersome especially when the weather has other plans. This is probably why many people resort to shopping online and having things delivered to them. All they need to do then is to gift-wrap it slide it under the Christmas tree.

Analyzing this buying trend, you need to update your website and social media presence for the season. You can add new products if you like and send notifications to keep people informed about your latest stock and rates. There are many retail store software out there that can help you do just that.

Market Christmas Promotions

Christmas season is a time when many people are careless with their things. It’s a frenzied time especially for people having families. One has to decide what gift one could give to one’s loved one. That’s why there will be loads of people looking for products and services online. The same idea goes for service offering businesses such as repair stores. People will be needing to have their things repaired and they will be looking for your services online. The best way to attract such people is to make Christmas promotions and market them online. You can use powerful social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to create a buzz about your discounts and deals. If you get a query, make sure to follow up on it and give excellent customer service. You don’t know how many loyal customers you can make in the Christmas season.

Another thing you can do is to send your old customers emails, newsletters and SMS notifications to remind them about your services. There are many POS software for repair stores available in the market that can help people with such marketing efforts. The one I personally had experience with was RepairDesk. The software allowed me to send emails and SMS notifications to my previous employees and reminded them about my store. As a result, my store saw many returning customers. Maybe it can work for you too.

Multitasking with Customers

You need to keep your customers engaged and happy if you are looking for success in the repair industry. Happy customers come from motivated workers who can multitask well and provide timely support to the customers. Christmas season is a time when people get careless with their stuff and need repair services, so you are bound to have a lot on your plate. Make sure that your employees are ready to handle all the workload that might be coming their way. Friendly staff coupled with dependable services makes loyal customers.

You know the recipe now, let’s get cooking. Another worthwhile point that I must mention here is that you also have to respond to the queries of your customers as quickly as possible. This can go a long way in placing your store on the map. Consistency is the key and you’ll see the rewards. Good Luck.