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Mirroring is a wireless technology that allows a user to switch the media playing on a smaller Android device to a larger screen to enhance the viewing experience of a user. It helps display the content of your smartphone onto a very big screen.
How to connect your phone to a larger device?
There are some basic requirements that both the devices have to follow for screen mirroring. The small device should also support the mirroring and should be able to send data to another device. The largest screen for the projector must also support the screen mirroring to capture the data sent by another device. If you want to know whether both of the devices you have support screen mirroring or not then internet search will be a good option for you.

How does it differ from media streaming?

Screen mirroring is somewhat similar to the media screaming that refers to the sharing of data to a projector or TV using a compatible device while the difference is how the content is shared among devices to display it. In screen mirroring, the content displayed on the source screen is mirrored on the larger screen as it is on the source which is streaming first the data is send in the digital form to another device to display it on another device. Screen mirroring does not duplicate the content of the device, it is just used to play the content displayed on one screen to another compatible screen wirelessly. Several technologies are present there that allows a device to mirror their screen.

Advantages of screen mirroring in your workspace!!!

Collaboration for everyone

As you know modern workplaces have to consider the trend to bring your device. Most of the companies set the BYOD trend at their workstation. Even in the Educational Institutes students need to bring their laptops for presentations and seminars. So we can say that now employees for students don’t have a choice to pick their device or not. Considering this scenario, we need a major platform to find out a solution to this problem. This is when screen mirroring comes into existence and plays a significant role in all the companies and organizations. So employees don’t have to worry about what device they want to bring or not, it is just a matter of their preference.

A better flow of work inside the workstation

For screen mirroring you don’t need to be an IT admin or tech wizard. It is very easy to display the content of a device over another device or projector. As you know, you will never know when a system can fail even at crucial times. This is again when mirroring will take away all your stress and wasted time.

The source device user has full control over what to show

The biggest advantage of this technology is that the owner of the source device has full control over what he/she wants to show on a big screen and what does not. Apart from that, your content would not get duplicated into another device, it will be stored only in your device. You will also have full control over which part of the content you want to show on another device and what does not.

Fulfill the wishes of the tech department of a company

Now you can decrease the number of tech support tickets in your company while enhancing the technology at your workstation, therefore, your tech department will be happier than before. A wireless screen monitoring means easy updates and monitoring over the cloud, you don’t have to face the problems of the broken wires as everything can be shown over big screens wirelessly with the innovation in the technology.


So when it comes to buying a screen, make sure you buy the one that allows the screen mirroring. Consider it as one of the most important factors while buying a screen desktop no matter what you are buying it. It will always enhance your viewing experience when you display the content of one device to another directly. In the end, your usage pattern will help you in deciding which device you will choose. But for showcase presentations and creating engaging discussions, screen mirroring is a good way to go.

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