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Social commerce is the process of buying items directly off of social media. Gone are the days where you have to press links for a third party website. Instead, you can directly order your choice of goods on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It has now started affecting the e-commerce industry in a number of ways. This means that social media can be a complete game-changer for your brand. Now, before you start off to search off for an eCommerce marketing agency in Nagpur or elsewhere there’s one question that must’ve come to your mind.

Why is Social Commerce important?

For starters, social commerce ensures that your user has access to information. In the earlier scenarios, the website link that you put on your brand’s page would not reach out to half the number of people, due to various reasons like a lack of initiative shown from the consumer, or porosity of time. When they see a platform showcasing their favorite brands, it is much easier for them to purchase what they want, which means that your business can bloom right if you just understand how to put forward such strategies. We have collected a list of the top such ideas that you can use, to boost the leads for your company via social commerce, and completely revitalize your brand and its e-commerce: 

#1 Promoting Posts and finding Influencers on Instagram

Instagram today has become one of the most widely used social media platforms amongst millennials and Gen Z. There are over 1 billion users, and more generations are gradually joining this photo-sharing platform. Therefore, it is needless to say that social commerce here can have a strong basis, and brands can reach out to their potential buyers. 

So how can a business increase its reach? 

For established businesses, it is very easy to promote their posts and add links to it, which allows their consumers to shop through their Instagram handle. However, for the firms which have a smaller following, there are two vital options available. They can either promote their product through sponsored posts or collaborate with influencers. 

For the first option, you need to establish yourself as a business, after which a number of options will be available to you, like your target audience and the number of posts per day. These ideas will be implemented and your target audience will start receiving ads regarding your business. You can also collaborate with influencers, who are famous personalities or have a decent following on this platform and can get their followers to buy your products via your Instagram page. 

#2 Adding ‘Shop Sections’ on Facebook Business Page

With over 2 billion users, Facebook was the first-ever social media site created and it is way ahead of all other sites in terms of advertising. The platform has always been a trendsetter. Their user interface is friendly not only for individuals but also for brands. To increase the number of leads through this platform, you can list the products directly on your page, or implement the ‘Shop Now’ button. 

The first option is quite similar to the type of e-commerce that has emerged in the last few years, the only difference being that it is done on social media. The second one gives you two options, to either process the transaction then and there, or take the customer to the website of your product. Both of these should be well utilized, and a Paypal or Stripe account needs to be set up for the same. 

You are able to access real-time information, and check the interface for your audience. Both the methods also charge a transaction fee, which is approximately 3 per cent of the purchase, and an added 0.30 dollars per transaction. However, this platform connects you to most people and will bring about a change in your e-commerce brand. 

#3 Buying Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the latest social media websites and allows the user to search for creative ideas. There is also an option for buying things with a Shop Now button on it, while the user looks at a number of pictures and captions below it. The feature allows your customers to purchase an item with just a simple click, increasing your leads and reducing the hold-up time. The feature also allows them to pay via credit card, making it so much easier. 

There is a lot of competition in the eCommerce business, which means that your marketing strategy, as well as your product, need to be of the top-quality for social commerce to work. It is therefore suggested that you take advantage of all such opportunities in addition to the typical eCommerce website. If you are new in this game, start with Facebook, as it will guarantee good returns and have a great impact on your audience. However, make sure that your target audience has ample access to the platform you begin with. 


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