The activity of telling story is enjoyed by all age groups children’s, adults, elders and teens, when they are free, in their leisure time they used to tell stories, storytelling is ancient art form of using their imagination, visualization, creativity and fantasy in the form of storytelling, storytelling is valuable form of arts, storytelling is art of showing, presenting words and actions to create the effect of thrill in readers imagination and keep listeners intrigued, storytelling make us explore the different world ,people’s, their culture, their lives, thoughts story telling creates positive attitude in oneself as it increases the respect, appreciation and recognition of others culture and lives to another level.

Story telling helps children to:

  • Enable children to explore with unfamiliar people, events, places, situations, dimensions
  • By reading stories one would get familiar with diverse cultures and cultural roots,
  • Story telling make readers to know different traditions and values
  • They get life saving experiences
  • They know the power of wisdom, make them wise, make them to use creativity
  • It makes their logic, rationality and reason straight, make them think straight
  • Children’s imagination and creativity is increased
  • Make their listening capability strong
  • Enhance students participation in class
  • Students become more corporative
  • They enjoy and feel renewed

Sources to get best book

There are different ways one can get good books as:

  • Shop: one can get books at stores, where it is easier for you to know the context, theme and index of the book, at store one can completely make the idea of book, examining process become easier, one can get desired book in no time.
  • Online: at online shopping one get diverse variety here. get books at better prices as one can use Books and magazines voucher codes to Save Money Online. it is easier to get local publishers, national publishers and international publishers. At online shops buyers can get a better idea on book by reviewing comments.


As it was discussed we can get through online shopping as online and off there are various associations throughout the world, they are  for readers, story lovers where they get chance to explore more books on diverse topics,. . They displayed children’s books, subject-oriented books. And books on language and literature, books on performing arts, science and technology, books on software and hardware, banking and finance, Management and accounting, books on analog and medicine, books on law and income, books on cookery, health, beauty and fitness and religious books. Although, there was a huge collection of dictionaries.


  • Fairs: they don’t have variety that of online or stores like, every Publisher use its own unique way to attract customers and display books on various subjects.



Telling is the medium which users use to communicate with in class or outside of the class. It is the medium which one use to express one’s feelings, emotions and thoughts, the listener who is listening throughout the time get unending information, ideas, knowledge, listeners experiences make them wise, creative and mature, storytelling displays variety of personal experiences, values and ways of understanding. It can fill the gap within courtiers’ and make them known their cultures in a much better way.