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Add Office 365 Contacts to iPhone

Many people from the business fields and working in the organizations use Office 365 to manage their email, contact, calendars, and other data. The feasible features and the availability from anywhere make Office 365 more usable among the business organizations. But nowadays many people use Mac systems & iPhones. So they mostly prefer to manage there contacts and calendars within there apple system. Hence by considering this situation in this blog we are going to see how to add Office 365 contacts to iPhone. So the iPhone users who are working with the MS Office 365 can easily manage their address book with their iPhone contacts.

Before going to the solution we can see some of the common scenarios. Which will help you to understand the need for importing Office 365 contacts to iPhone?

“Hi, from the past few years I am using Office 365 to manage my business data. But nowadays I am facing some issues to manage my contacts. So I decided to transfer my all Office 365 contacts to my iPhone. Can you please tell me any methods for the same.”

“I want to add my Office 365 address book to iPhone. I am an iPhone user after I decide to move my Outlook contacts to the phone contact I tried a manual process. After checking the contacts I understood only some of my Outlook contacts are imported into the iPhone contact. Can anyone suggest me the best method to copy my whole contacts into the phone address book. Thanks in advance.”

If you are also having similar issues then don’t worry, we have the solution for you. In the below section we will discuss both manual and the best alternative solution to add address book to iPhone. Let’s get start!!!

Manual Approach to Add Office 365 Contacts to iPhone

To move your Office 365 address book to iPhone contacts you need to perform the following procedure on your phone.

Step 1: Go to the Settings of iPhone

Settings option
Step 2: Then select the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option.

iPhone email option
Step 3: Click on Add Account and select the Exchange option

select the Exchange
Step 4: Provide the Office 365 credentials & tap on Next button

Office 365 credentials
Step 5: Then enter the information like “Email, Server, Domain, Username, Password, Description“.

Additional information
Step 7: After that go to the Settings menu and select Contact option (which you need to synchronize). Then Save it.

Save/ Add Office 365 Contacts to iPhone

Your Office 365 account will connect with iCloud and you can access it through your iPhone.

A Smart Alternative Solution to Import Office 365 Contacts to iPhone

If you are fed up with the tedious manual method to synchronize your address book with the looking for an alternative solution for securely add Office 365 contacts to iPhone. You can go with the fast and trustworthy Mac Office 365 backup solution. SysTools Office 365 backup for Mac is an efficient tool that will help you to backup your Office 365 data such as emails, contacts, calendars, documents in various file formats. Also, the feature to save the contacts in VCF and calendars in ICS file format help the users to copy Office 365 data into iPhone and use without ant issues. The tools also provide various unique features to enhance the archival process. Through the different filter options user can save only the required data without any additional effort.

download button

Add Office 365 contacts to iPhone With the Help of Office 365 Backup Utility

The important step to access the O365 address book on iPhone is that you need to download the contact data in VCF file format. To save the contacts in vCard file format through the tool follow the below given steps.

  • Install the Office 365 backup for Mac. Then login with the valid Office 365 credentials.

Login option to add Office 365 contacts to iPhone

  • Select the Contact from Category & MBOX from Export Format option. Click on the Settings button to apply additional settings.

Select the Contact from Category


  • Apply advanced options such as Date filter, Delete after download, etc. according to your requirements.

Advance options

  • Browse the destination location and click on the Start Backup button to initiate the archival process.

browse destination location

  • You can track the live progress of the export process and save the report as CSV file click on the View report button.

track the live progress


In the business field & personal life contacts play a very important role. Easy access to the contacts helps the users in managing all their activities. In this blog, we discuss how to add Office 365 contacts to iPhone. Most of the users facing issues in managing their contacts in Office 365 account and normal phone contacts. In the above section, we provide a relevant solution to solve this issue and synchronize the address book.

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