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Sport court installation in your backyard can be one of the best investments that you can ever make. Just like any other investment, it requires time and thoughtful consideration. But you don’t have to worry because this webcast can help you plan and prepare efficaciously.

Following are the points that you must keep in mind when considering sport court installation:

  • Which Sport do you want to Play?

To a great extent, what you play will determine the size of the court you need. As many as 15 games can be played on a standard mid-sized multipurpose game court. Shifting from one to another is usually very easy and fast. If basketball is your family’s primary sport, a 3 point line may be essential.

A court size of 30*60 feet enables for full court volleyball. The basketball hoop is often placed in the middle of the 60 foot side and used as the volleyball net post. This configuration ultimately enables for half-court basketball with full court volleyball and several other net sports on the same court. The court size is all up to you and you can create the best backyard court with some of these considerations including:

  • How old are your children?
  • What sports do they currently love to play?
  • What sports do you see them playing in future?
  • Do you play sports as well?


  • The Space available for Sport Court Installation

Usually, a court cannot be built inside your property’s setback lines and these setbacks differ by town and zones within each town. There are some towns that limit the amount of lot coverage allowed by the zone. However, majority of towns consider non-permeable surfaces as ‘coverage’. There are many courts that are built on asphalt or concrete as courts cannot be built over the septic systems. Also ensure that the court should be placed quite far from large trees so that its roots are not an issue.

  • Do you require Permission for Sport Court Installation?

Might be that your town needs a permit for sport court installation, hence:

  • You must begin early as seeking proper approval almost always takes longer than usual.
  • Ensure that your contractor helps you navigate through the complete process.
  • Try and find out your property site as it can tell you a lot.
  • The Contractor to come into Play

Sport court installation is much like a unique construction project  and choosing the right contractor is somewhat very crucial because you cannot afford to use anyone unlicensed or uninsured. Make sure that your contractor should provide you with drawings or plans and should also help you with the permitting process. You must also ask how many courts they have built and also if this is their primary business or a sideline.

  • A Modular Surface is better. Why?

Concrete and asphalt can be painted to look attractive, but the surface doesn’t provide any cushioning. Many people apply acrylics to these surfaces, but they offer only a small layer of protection. Modular surfaces, on the contrary, are designed and engineered to absorb shock and enable water to safely pass through them and flow off the court. This helps in keeping athletes safer and easy going on your body.

Lastly, when it comes to warranty, different surfaces come with different warranties. Well, things can go wrong with any surface and you must ensure that you read the fine print on any warranty to ensure a long, happy relationship with your sport court installation.

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