Breakup of relationship or recovering from a chronic medical illness can be quite distressing and lead to a crisis like situation. Such people remain stressed, anxious, exhausted and can face difficulty in sleeping. Many people find solutions to deal with stress, but there are others who face difficulty in dozing off at night. Benzodiazepines or the medications from the Z drugs are mainly prescribed by the physicians for the treatment of insomnia and sleep interruptions. Use of sleep medications assists people to get through difficult phases. Moderate use of sleep medication under the supervision of a health care expert is required for a safe and healthy insomnia treatment. There is a probability that people might get dependent on them after taking them for a few weeks, and, breaking that dependence can be quite challenging for people, both mentally as well as physically. Gradual reduction of dose (tapering) under the guidance of a physician can be quite effective for people who are addicted to the use of sleeping pills. Some of the popular sleeping pills for correcting sleep troubles are Ambien, Zopiclone and Temazepam. A reputed online drug store should be chosen to buy cheap sleeping pills UK.