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Twitter is one of the dominant social media platforms, with 330 million monthly users and over 350,000 tweets posted per minute.

That means there is a vast audience out there, right?

Your potential clients and audience might be there on Twitter, and they should be.

Additionally, bloggers, journalists, and influencers are on twitter who looking for hot topics, problems and other stories that they can cover your business.

Most important, some clients and consumers are on Twitter waiting passionately to find opinions, concerns, and complaints about your brands.  They watch closely if a conversation starts about your brand. And you want to check that out to know more about them.

Having on Twitter isn’t enough, in fact, you should have a rock-solid Twitter profile to succeed.

Here are 7 smart tips to optimizing your business or brand’s Twitter profile.

#1. Write Your Twitter Bio Smartly

adidas Twitter bio

Your Twitter bio is the first thing that users will notice. Most of all, you get only 160 characters or less to craft words that make your Twitter bio noticeable.

When writing bio makes sure, you use relevant keywords and hashtags related to your business. Moreover, the hashtags you are using should be clickable and don’t distract users if they click on those hashtags.

#2. Add the Right Profile Image

To make a genuine Twitter profile, you should always add an image to your Twitter profile.

Businesses and brands should always use their logo as a profile images because it is easily recognizable among their clients and audience.

If your logo isn’t fit in the small square for your profile image box then better consider creating another logo that suit and Twitter in and other social media profile pictures.

Make sure you consider mobile devices also when creating a logo for your business or brands.

Twitter supports JPEG, GIF, and PNG file formats and the file size should be up to 2 MB. However, Twitter recommends 400X400 pixels file size for profile image.

#3. Add a Header Image

Your header image says a lot about your brand, in fact, it is like a magazine cover that attracts people before making the actual purchase.

You should often change to showcase what happening new in your business and what your customers and audience can expect.

You get 1500X1500 pixels to say showcase your brands, and I guess that’s a lot of space compared to your profile picture.

Here are some ideas that you can show on your header image:

  • Top-selling products
  • A new coming soon product
  • An image of your team
  • A picture of internal office
  • A special business event

When choosing an image for the header, make sure you save that image with your brand name. It will increase your chances to appear in image search when people will search for your brand name.

#4. Delete old tweets

This might be surprising, but it is an effective strategy that can boost up your business profile. There might be some tweets that your company made earlier has no importance now.

You can delete those tweets to clean up your profile with the tweet that matters most. But the problem is how to find those deletes.

Luckily, there is a tool name Circleboom that you can use to delete old tweets in a few clicks.

delete tweet

#5. Direct People to a Specific Page on Your Website

This is what most businesses often miss; they put their homepage in the bio; it’s quite an old fashioned way to promote your brand.

You may have some particular pages that you want people to visit when they land on your twitter profile.

Many bloggers and journalists already use this trick to promote their hot stories to their target audiences.

You might want to promote an eBook, or increase your email list, or want people to sign up for a webinar that you are organizing anytime soon.

#6 Unfollow non-followers

If you want to make a solid twitter profile, you should have a circle of followers who engage with your content and retweet and like your tweet.

There is no point to follow profiles who don’t engage with your content or most likely to be inactive for ages.

There are some twitter unfollow tools that you can use to unfollow people who are not following you back on Twitter.

By unfollowing non-followers, you will get the chance to follow accounts who have interest in your business and share the content like your tweet.

#7. Add a Location to Your Twitter Profile

If you are running a local business, then make sure you enter your business location, be a part of your Twitter profile.

In fact, the Twitter algorithm is smart enough to match your content with the local audience who are looking for services like you.


Twitter is a fantastic platform for branding and promoting your business if you know how to use it right.

Using the tips mentioned above, you can create a profile that your potential audience can’t ignore but like.

Let me know which tip you are going to try first.

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