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On-Demand Courier Delivery App

One of the most important On-Demand App services currently trending in the market is courier delivery apps. In today’s modern, speedy world, Courier service apps act as a bridge between people all around the world. Courier companies deliver packages for both individual and business purposes but mainly business comparatively. Most Entrepreneurs entirely depend on Courier companies for their products to reach the right customers at the right time. Gone are the days when people would wait for days to receive their packages. Courier service companies nowadays are well advanced and quick to deliver.

Most courier companies take about 2-4 hours to deliver locally and around 24 hours to 48 hours for international deliveries. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to build an On-Demand Courier delivery app of your own, there are some important aspects and features that you have to be familiar with to make your app sustain in the market. Attracting customers is challenging as the competition is heavy and people have advanced more into online shopping.

Let’s have a look at what they are.

What are all the essential features for a Courier delivery app development?

  • Profile Creation/ Sign in – This is the most common feature for any app which is necessary in this case too, as the profile information will help to identify from/ for who the package it builds trust among people exchanging packages and with the app. And also, people can view the history of their orders from their profile.
  • GPS Tracking – The advanced courier apps these days comes with a GPS tracking option that benefits the courier service provider, senders, and receivers. For the service providers, the GPS helps to decide which mode of transport will be suitable for the particular delivery for better and quick service whereas for the senders and receivers they get to track and check the status of their package. This is one of the most important and preferable features for customers.
  • Push Notification – Push Notification is a common feature for most apps which is also necessary in this case, where you update and notify the senders and customers about their package status, to provide them a hassle-free service.
  • In-App Chat Feature – For Packaging services, it is significant to have this feature in order to help the customers clarify their queries then and there and to ensure them the safety of their package.
  • Courier Ratings/ Reviews – There should be a section within the app where the customers can leave their comments and ratings on how satisfactory the courier service was to them which will benefit the growth of the app’s reach and also to other customers to get an idea on the kind of services provided by the app.

The above mentioned were some general and necessary features to be in-built when you create an On-Demand Courier Delivery App. But there are also some details, in particular, to be overseen to maintain stability in the market and to drive the customers towards your service like,

  • Ensuring safety and prevention of damage – This is one of the most important aspects to be handled with utmost care and effort. When it comes to courier service, we have to gain the trust from both sides (The senders and customers) as any damage in products will cost them their money, effort and time. As far as you ensure delivery without any safety issues or damage, or when a customer sees a review on your app about safety in your services, they will be automatically attracted to come to you for the next service.
  • Speed Delivery – Customers prefer choosing courier services mainly because of the speedy delivery. Especially for business people depending on courier services as they take immense efforts tosend their products to their customers. So if you always make sure to deliver to the right person at the right time, you are good to go way higher in the market.
  • Responsive admin: In services like courier delivery, the more you are responsive to the customers, the more they believe in your service. For business people, they solely depend on the courier service for their products to reach the right way to the customers. Your responses or updates is what will keep them tension free.
  • Corporate Discounts/ Promo Codes – As discussed earlier in the article, more than individuals, business people depend more on courier services, for example, e-commerce companies run their day to day business with the help of courier service tie-ups, so when you provide special promo codes or discounts for them in your app, they come back to you for the next one too and they will recommend your app to their business partners which will increase your app’s reach.

These are a few suggestions that could help your courier app become distinct and customer friendly.


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