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How To Check Your Tyres

Just like every other component of your car, tyres of your vehicle also need regular check-ups and scrutiny. You can find out various truth about your tyres only by having a look at them. As a driver, one must make sure to check their tyres regularly to maintain the necessary safety on the road. The tyres can be examined on various aspects, such as tread depth, severe damages, cuts and cracks on the sidewall, Tyre pressure, etc.

Performing regular checks on tyres will ensure your MOT certificate as well. In a survey, it was found that most of the vehicles failed their MOT test because of their tyres. We, as a driver, tend to neglect the most essential part of our car, and hence fail the MOT. To help you with what you should look in your tyres while performing the regular visible checks, let us offer you the following tips:

Tread depth: According to the laws laid by the government of the UK, it is illegal to drive a vehicle whose tyre’s tread has dropped down from the minimum limit of 1.6mm. You can be fined heavily in this case. Our experts recommend you to maintain your tread depth above 3mm. As soon as the tread starts falling below it, consider replacing your tyres to maintain safety on the road.

Tread depth

Tyre pressure: Something like tyre pressure needs accuracy of the highest level. Over-inflation may result in tyre blowouts, while under-inflation is the cause of the increased wearing of tyres. Under-inflation of tyres also results in various vehicular problems like decreased fuel economy and suspension issues. Therefore, it is suggested that one should always maintain adequate tyre pressure.

Tyre pressure

Sidewall condition: Over time, the sidewall of your tyres start to develop cracks. The main reason for cracks appearing on the sidewall of your tyres is their ageing. A sidewall is a critical component of your tyres as it is responsible for bearing a complete load of your vehicle. An ageing sidewall can fail anytime and can lead to flat conditions. The crack on your tyres’ sidewall is a clear indication that you are in need of new Tyres Uxbridge¬†for your cars.

Tyre Sidewall Close up

Buying new tyres: Purchasing a new set of tyres is costly. Hence you should consider the purchase seriously. Whenever you buy new tyres for your cars, make sure to know your requirements first. There are a number of different tyres available in the market to choose from. Make sure you make the right choice. To accomplish the task in hand, you can take the help of tyre experts. You can also look into your vehicle’s manual that has been provided to you at the time of your car’s purchase.

new tyres for sale inside in store

If you find that you are in need to purchase new Tyres Uxbridge for your cars, make sure to drive it to us at M & C Tyres. We have an extensive collection of high-quality Dunlop tyres Uxbridge that are sure to fit your driving needs in Uxbridge. In case you want to know more about the tyres that will match your requirement, don’t forget to contact us.

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