Are you getting ready for engagement? Finding the perfect engagement ring is the most important and exciting step to start the journey together. But many things come in to play when you are choosing an engagement ring, and you may need some guidance. Wondering how to choose a diamond and the correct ring size? Even with Pave engagement rings, you will need assistance on designs, styles, and type of ring settings, the right metal choice. Here are the key steps that you should follow:

Start With Setting a Budget

When you are purchasing the ring, you may ask about the price of the rings or how much should you spend on them. A thumb rule to buying an excellent engagement ring is that you should devote two-month salary on it if you are salaried.
However, no budget can be set, and it all depends upon the choice and depends on the couple. There are no rule to decide on the engagement ring budget, following a personal approach is better.

Choosing the Diamond

Finding the perfect ring starts with choosing the right diamond. So, once you have set the budget, it is time to explore the diamond types that are within the price range. While you are purchasing the diamond, there are 4C’s that have to be kept in mind:
• Color
• Clarity
• Cut
• Carat Weight
Color is measured according to the color grading of the diamond. It is based on the absence of color. A colorless diamond is represented by letter-D.

Clarity is graded from the letter F to I. Flawless-F, I-Included.

Carat is the standard unit of to measure diamond-weight. Large diamonds are rare, and they are more valuable than the smaller diamonds of the same color and clarity.

The cut is one of the essential grading aspects. The cutting process gives the diamond its unique design. It brings to fore the magic lines within.

So which diamond are you going to fall in love with? There is a wide variety of exceptional diamond shapes and cuts. You will surely fall in love with a wide range of shapes and cuts. You will surely find a diamond that will suit a unique style and personality.

Ring Setting

Another critical aspect of the diamond rings is its setting. It is how the diamond is secured in a gold or platinum mount. There are many types of ring settings which look better depending on the diamond shape.

Choosing the right setting for the ring is equally important as selecting the diamond. The setting brings the unique diamond and design of the ring together and secures the diamond in its place. It adds to the beauty of the ring. Keep your lifestyle in mind, so choose a ring setting and shape that will seamlessly become part of your life.

• Claw Setting. The diamond in this setting is at the center. It reveals the entire profile of the diamond.
• Halo Diamond Ring Setting. If you want the appearance of the diamond to be large, this setting would be the best.

Choose the Metal and Ring Size

Gold and platinum metals are most preferred for engagement and wedding rings. Gold is yellow while platinum is white. If durability is essential, platinum is the preferred choice. Make sure that the ring is sized perfectly from the moment you slip it in your finger. It’s better to ask for the ring-size, although you can find it through other ways too.


Pave engagement rings, are the best when it comes to diamond, it’s setting, and metal choices. Spend time to find the most suitable ring sizes and make the day memorable forever.