Every one of us has tiles on the floors of the kitchen and washrooms. But to keep them clean and sanitized is one big asking. A dirty floor might bring a bad impression for you as well as being the source of different diseases. The floor of the washrooms which are in constant contact with water can be a source of mold too. So, it is very necessary to have tiles sealing and cleaning on a regular basis in order to keep your floors neat and clean.

tiles and grout cleaning


Cleaning of Floor Marble

In order to keep your tile floor clean, you don’t have to worry much because it is an easy job to do. It might be hectic if you have to deal with a greater area but still, you can complete the process at multiple intervals. Start with making the tiles wet and apply a soapy detergent solution to the floor. You can see the mud, dust, and unwanted substances are entangled in between the line of the floor marble which is called grouts.

You have to take a brush and rub it in between the grout lines. This will remove all the dirt away. Make sure to select the chemical that is compatible with the surface and it must not have any chemical reaction when applied for a cleaning purpose. It is very important to repeat this process on a regular basis in order to keep your washrooms and kitchens clean.

Tiles Sealing

Once you are done with the washing and mud removal phenomenon, now is the time to move your attention toward the tile sealing. This is the process that would stop any further dust, mud or mold from taking place and can increase the lifespan of the plates of your floors. Tiles sealing Melbourne can be your ultimate choice if you want to take help from the professionals but surely you can complete the job on your own if you keep in mind the following basic instructions.

Seal the grout with cement filling only. Avoid using epoxy or other such substances for this purpose. Always remember that this treatment is valid for a couple of years only and you have to repeat the process after that. If you are finding the washroom grouting, then this must be renewed every year because the floor is in constant contact with water and moisture.

The guide from Tiles Sealing Melbourne wants you to keep in mind that the selection of perfect sealers is even more important. A brush type sealer is the best if you are going to seal the horizontal grout lines of the washrooms. Don’t go on with the process if the conditions are hot. Wait for some better environmental conditions. After applying the material to seal the surface, wait for two to three hours to let it dry properly. This is important for effecting results.

If you detect a grout sealer already present there which is old, remove it with the help of a pointed instrument and then rinse the surface with clean water to start with the procedure formally. Never ever mix the vinegar and bleach together as it can prove to be a source of the release of poisonous gases. Wear proper self-care equipment and gloves and glasses while handling the chemicals.

tiles sealing


Bottom Line

If you don’t feel like you can handle the job on your own then you can always take help from the professionals of Tiles Sealing Melbourne. This would obviously cost a little more than doing it personally. But if you are motivated enough to clean and seal the grouts on your own, you just need to follow the basic mechanisms and instructions we have presented before you. If you work by keeping the tips in your mind, the success and effectiveness of results are guaranteed.