If you are using the HP printer, you may have heard of paper jams, or even faced it. This is an error that occurs when a paper of paper, leftover, or junk gets stuck inside the printer. So, to clear paper jams on HP Printer, you need to be quite careful. Here is the guide is given below to fix this issue. 

  1. Start by checking and removing the paper stuck in the paper tray. For this first misconfigured the tray and use a soft cloth to clean the junk of paper.
  2. Next, clean the paper leftovers from the back of the printer. Open the rear access door, pull out the paper roller and pull out the paper or junk stuck inside.
  3. Now, remove the front of the printer and clean the inner of the printer with a soft and damp cloth. You may need to remove the input tray for it.
  4. Check if the cartridges can move freely. 
  5. Next, reload the paper to the tray and print a test page on HP printer
  6. If required, get your printer a service.

These were the required steps. But if the issue stands still even after performing the recovery steps, you must take your printer to the nearest HP service center or get help from the HP help center. 

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