How to concentrate on study

How to concentrate on study

If you have an exam or session on your nose, and the top five doesn’t even smell close – it’s good that you surfed the Internet. In this article, we will consider a step-by-step way to concentrate on studying as much as possible in order to prepare faster and better. All steps are simple, only require a little responsibility.

Step # 1 Prepare a Place

Before you sit down to study, it will be nice to create an atmosphere of work for yourself. Let it be the way you imagine it: cheat sheets glued on the walls, a cup of coffee, a motivating screensaver on the computer. The main thing is that it is convenient to work . Below is a list of how to create this convenience in your workplace.

  • Find a quiet place without any noise
  • Clean up, be sure to wipe the dust (breathing and thinking easier – tested on yourself)
  • Ventilate the room so as not to “dull” from a lack of oxygen
  • Prepare everything you need: pen, ruler, pencil, calculator, draft, drink
  • Take a normal chair with a back and without wheels

After you do these actions, you will have 2 advantages. Firstly, you will wrap up the “initial speed” and start to do something, and secondly, you will not be distracted by the mess and will be able to maintain concentration for longer.


We should also talk about technology. A constant check of messages and updates of friends today has become a daily habit: you already automatically go to look through Instagram when you pick up the phone. This is especially annoying if you need a calculator or search engine.

To prevent this from happening during your studies, you need to either remove the gadgets altogether or limit their impact. To do this, you can try:

  • Enable Do Not Disturb
  • Turn on airplane mode
  • Delete the page in the social. network on time
  • Delete all browser bookmarks
  • Place all the shortcuts on the desktop in one folder and create a separate folder “Study”

With these simple actions, you can sometimes save yourself a few hours. After all, it happens that you go to rest for 5 minutes, but you spend 10 times more time on it.

Step # 2 Prepare Yourself


After you have prepared the workplace, you need to take care of yourself beloved. For starters, just have a bite to keep the brain focused on lessons, not food. It is better to eat something light, so as not to fall down on the sofa with an obsessive desire to fall asleep.

You can kill two birds with one stone: both eat and increase concentration. For this, it is recommended to use the following products:

  • Green tea
  • Greenery
  • Nuts
  • Fatty fish (herring, mackerel)
  • bitter chocolate
  • Water (does not do anything on its own, but a lack causes fatigue)

While eating, watch some video on the subject of your subject or read a short article. So you will immediately begin to join the process and get rid of extraneous thoughts.


If we are already talking about thoughts, then we will open this question more broadly. Problems, unresolved issues, dreams and memories can also prevent you from concentrating, so you need to get rid of them as much as possible before starting classes. Here’s how to do it.

  • Outline a way out of an exciting problem
  • Set aside time for thought
  • Write your thoughts on paper
  • Cheer up the body – push out, squat, take a cold shower

And you can not waste time and immediately sit down for study. If the problem is not serious, then the obsessive thoughts will gradually calm down and will leave themselves in the process of immersion.

Another important aspect that helps you set yourself up is visualization. In your thoughts you are preparing yourself for work in advance, constantly repeating: “now and only today”, “I will work in the evening”, “I won’t get up until I do it”, etc. You scroll through the process of working in the head and let the body know that you have to make an effort. By these actions you cause concentration even before you start work, and subsequently it will be easier for you to get involved in the process.


Indeed, if you plan the entire process in advance, you will notice that you will finish faster than you expected. Your thoughts will not rush from side to side , and this will allow you to concentrate on one subject.

For example, if you are doing an essay — write down the structure and subheadings, if you study several subjects — think in what order to read them, if you are doing your homework — decide what to write off and what to do yourself. You will spend only a couple of minutes, but get rid of the feeling of uncertainty. You will have a work structure – a skeleton that you can lean on.

Step # 3 Concentration While Studying

So we come to the most important thing – the learning process. In fact, all the decisive steps were taken in the past, and now we only need to find out a couple of effective life hacks.

# 1 Breaks

Take breaks after 1 hour of work . Scientists have found that just such a distribution of time helps to maintain better performance.

# 2 Term

Set yourself a tight deadline. When you set yourself a framework, the brain automatically increases productivity. What you do in 3 hours in a quiet schedule can be done 2 or even 3 times faster.

Only you need to set real restrictions so that there is no way to slip away. For example, make an appointment with a friend, promise to help parents or buy a movie ticket.

# 3 Full dedication

Do only 1 thing at 1 time and fully surrender to him. Move your fingers across the table, draw figures in the air, speak aloud, in general – try to connect as many senses as possible. So you full machining approach the subject, and thus better focus.

# 4 Holding your breath

If you are half asleep and already tired of learning, try to hold your breath. This is a good exercise to shock your brain and cheer you up.

# 5 Goal

Keep your goal in mind, imagine freedom and pleasure after completing assignments. Otherwise, you can slip and quickly become discouraged.Read only selected books focus on single book rather than reading multiple books. You can simply download the study materials as per your goal from here

A bit of motivation

Many people do not need all past reasoning at all. For them, the main difficulty is the lack of interest in learning and boredom.

You just have to sit down and start, without any excuses. Raise your ass and get used to breaking your “I do not want” every day. This is what life is all about, it is this kind of behavior that makes you respect yourself . Do not be lazy, right now begin to develop your character.


I admit, I do not think that a normal person will perform all of the above techniques. You need to take only the most basic, so as not to get stuck in eternal preparation and not to give up this venture. Therefore, let’s leave everything secondary and highlight the main thing.

  1. Put the table in order
  2. Turn off the phone
  3. Sip tea with cookies
  4. Mentally draw up an action plan
  5. Sit down quickly and start

That’s all, I hope the above tips will help you concentrate faster. Good luck in your studies!