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In this fast-paced life, people rely on mobile apps to find their life partners. This has resulted in the huge success of dating app development. However, there are various players in the industry, providing astounding dating services to people across the world. So, how do you make your dating app stay ahead of the intense competition in the industry? This article explains how!  

Significant Features

In order to succeed in making the best dating app, dating app developers should never forget to include the following must-have features in the software. 

1. Upload photos

Users should be able to upload their photos in the app. Adding photos makes the user profile more reliable. Besides, good photos increase the chances of getting dates at the earliest.

2. Video calling

This in-app video calling option enables users to connect with others in a better way. While texting, it is not possible to accurately judge the facial expressions of the match. Besides, some users might want to know the match well before meeting in person. In such cases, video calling is the best option.

3. Virtual gifts

Many dating apps allow users to send virtual gifts through the app. These also serve as great revenue-generating options for the app owners, as they can earn from the in-app purchases made by the users.

4. Notifications

These are very useful to maximize user retention. Users should be kept informed about the status of the match, software updates, etc. through SMS or push notifications. This makes the app more interactive and enjoyable.

5. Geo-targeted matching

GPS Navigation System should be integrated to enable geo-targeted matching of user profiles. Thus, users can find dates in the same locality or the locality of their choice.

Apart from building a great feature-set, the dating app development company should consider several other aspects too. The following are the significant aspects that influence the success of the dating app. 

User Interface

We all know that the user interface connects the back-end and the front-end. So, developers must pay the utmost attention while designing the user interface. Adding default options will assist the users in the process of decision making. Also, a good user interface augments the likability of the app. 

App design

This is yet another important factor that determines the success of a dating app. The app should be self-explanatory and attractive. The content of the app should be organized in such a way that the app does not appear to be clumsy. Developers can also make use of different font styles and colors. This will give the app an appealing look. Besides, the app design should be both user-friendly as well as mobile-friendly. 

Cross-platform compatibility 

The app should be cross-platform compatible. This way, it is possible to cut down on the development cost. Developing native apps for specific platforms limits the user base and requires relatively higher investment. Besides, developing apps that are cross-platform compatible reduces the development time. Thus, the Time To Market (TMM) is reduced too. 

Chatting feature

Dating apps should provide in-app chatting options for the benefit of the users. When people use dating apps, they might or might not know their matches in real life. So they might hesitate to share their personal contact information with their matches before getting to know them. In such cases, in-app messaging helps users talk to each other without having to share their mobile numbers or email IDs. 

Swipe Gesture

This is one of the most-expected features. On creating an account in the app, users can view the profile of other users. To like or reject the profile, users will have to simply swipe left or right. Swiping is considered to be one of the most commonly preferred gestures when compared to other gestures like scrolling, tapping, or double-tapping. 

Data encryption

Dating apps deal with a lot of data pertaining to users. So, it is of first and foremost importance to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data. For this purpose, data encryption is a must. Furthermore, data encryption makes the app more reliable and safe. 

Payment gateways

In order to facilitate in-app purchases, dating apps should be integrated with multiple payment gateways. This ensures fast and safe transactions. Multiple options should be provided to make payments, including bank transfer, credit cards, debit cards, online wallets, Google Pay, Paytm, PayPal, etc. The use of blockchain technology is also recommended. This allows users to make payments with cryptocurrencies. 

Marketing and promotion

To make the dating app successful, it is vital to promote it. Incorporating sound marketing strategies helps gather the attention of the people. But keep in mind that you don’t have to wait until the launch of the app to promote it. Do pre-launch marketing. This will help create a buzz about the app even before the launch. 

Besides, you also have to pay attention to user retention. Stopping the promotional activities once the app has hit the market is a grave mistake that almost all entrepreneurs do. User retention is also a key factor that determines the success of the app. Keep in touch with the users throughout their association with the app and support them whenever needed. 

Summing Up!

Though it is challenging, it is certainly not impossible to create a dating app that would exceed the expectations of the users. However, make sure to keep in mind the aforementioned pointers and use them appropriately. 


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