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How to Decide If Boarding School Is Right for Your child_

Firstly, deciding to send your child away from you to a boarding school generally seems to be a tough decision to take. And surely it takes a lot of time and thinking to decide it. Since it’s not only you who have to decide, it’s your child also who needs to be ready for the intensive learning nature of the residential school. Additionally, they should be mature and competent enough to live away from family and home. Boarding schools are considered as educational homes away from home. Having a variety of staff members to help your child with any issues which they can face in a boarding environment. Although, your child needs to be mature, disciplined and desirous to live in a residential school environment. Moreover, if you are considering the residential format of schooling for your child then you need to know how to decide if boarding school is right for your child.

Which boarding school is right for your child?

Before deciding to enroll your child in a particular boarding school, you need to look upon the basis of your decision. For which, you need to silently observe the factors that you are considering to land on a decision. It may be the academics, sports/athletic programs, extracurricular activities and even the religious affiliation of the school. Even, it may be the fame that draws your attention to a particular boarding school or it may be a combination of various factors. Either way, you need to make sure that the school as a whole meets the requirement of your child, and also provide the kind of experience that you wanted your child to get.

Boarding schools are the place that nurtures your child through academics, athletics, extracurricular activities and other aspects of learning which take place in specially developed campus life. Your child will get full-time good teachers at the boarding schools who offer extra help in academics and good coaches for sports. They truly remain passionate and engaged with the learning goals of their students. Moreover, your child will learn to manage their own life by learning to make personal decisions. From managing their own study schedule to balancing academics with extracurricular activities and sports. They will learn how to abide by the rules and learn how to manage time, the skill that would prove to be valuable in college life and beyond. Your child will get to accomplish more than what they would in any other form of schooling, provided that they utilize the learning opportunities and let the competition propel them forward.

However, since your child gets all that they need on a daily basis apart from learning aspects, boarding school may seem to have an expensive tag. But if looked the other way round, you will find that the overall price that you pay to buy off your child’s needs throughout the year, may fall around the price that you may pay for the boarding school facility. Apart from this fact, you can find grants and scholarships in many schools, and financial aid can vary from one boarding school to another.

In order to decide if boarding school is right for your child, you need to look at a few factors primarily. Firstly, you need to evaluate whether your child can live away from home or not. And then to determine what factors are you looking for in a boarding school and the programs that they offer. Whether the institution fulfills your priorities or not.

After deciding all those factors, research on the options that you are considering. If possible, you can also talk to the current students unaffiliated with the admissions office on your visit to these school campuses. As paying a visit to these school campuses and meeting different peoples there would be the best way to learn whether the school meets your requirements. If the school management allows you to stay there for a while then spend some of your time on campus. During your stay, you should meet with the academic, athletic and hostel keeper staff and enquire about any questions that you have. If the boarding school has the optimal environment, then you can expect your child to learn, grow, and have fun there.

And lastly, if your child attends the boarding school, it will change their life. Since they would not be there merely for some short term learning goals, instead they would be preparing for their life!


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