With the advancement in technology these days, people have come up with different methods to study, such as virtual class, videos, using AR in training, interactive videos, and much more.

Instructor-led training is among the best methods that can be used today for teaching your learners. These training programs offer better engagement and results compared to traditional methods. But how do you make it interesting for users? Here are some tips that should help you design an effective training experience.


It’s important to have rules when designing courses or training programs. But its more important that you explain all these rules to learners at the beginning itself. Proper communication about participation and rules when starting the training is important.

Avoid Boring Presentations

Presentations are great when you want to explain something in a short amount of time. But these things don’t offer much excitement to the learner. A five to ten-minute presentation is good but more than that will only lead to learners getting bored. Instead of having the complete presentation filled with just text and charts, add in some videos, images, activities, or some examples that relate to real-world scenarios.

Encourage Participation

It’s important for your learners to participate in a training session. More participation often leads to better learning. One of the easiest ways to do this is to add some activities to your training sessions. This should keep them engaged and enthusiastic throughout the training program.

Utilize Social Platforms

For instructor-led training, social media platforms can be essential tools. It helps you keep people interactive and responsive. Try to create groups or communities for your training program where your learners can visit to carry out various activities. From daily tasks to events, or adding posts and videos, these platforms can help a lot.

The Right Tone

Based on the type of audience you have, vary your tone accordingly. Figure out what is the right pace for your lecture for certain groups and fine-tune based on that. Your learners should not feel that you are going too slow or too fast. Both of these cases will lead them to get bored, really fast.


It’s important that you keep the size of the class in check.  A class that has too many students in it will never be efficient. People tend to get bored and lose interest when there are a lot of people in the class. Try to keep the classes short, so you can focus more time on every learner.

Content that Matters

The content that you put in your courses matters the most when it comes to designing an engaging experience. You cannot expect to have better results when you didn’t put in the work for the lesson you will teach your learners. By the end of every session, every learner should feel like they learned something new today. If they aren’t, you need to work on your content.

Having fancy presentation skills is as good as the things written in it. Add meaningful and relevant content inside your training programs. Understand that your learner’s time is important, make it count.

Learning Material

It’s important that you create some learning material for your learners that you can offer after every training session. Good learning material should help your learners even when the course is finished. These study materials include videos, articles, presentations, etc.

Instructor Led Training can be a very effective way to train people, only if you have the right methods to design an engaging learning experience. These tips should help you create an effective program.