Once we wrote an article on how to download Scribd documents for free. This post offers FREE solutions for downloading Scribd files that require a subscription fee. However, there are a significant number of Scribd documents that do not have a download button at all. Whether you join Scribd or not, you can read, but not upload these documents to Scribd for offline purposes. The file downloader has disabled download options.

Method 1: Use Scribd Downloader Online

This is a Scribd bootloader that works great. This is called the DocDownloader. You just need to enter a link to the document and follow its instructions. It will have the same typography as the original document.

Step 1. Paste the URL of the Scribd document and click “Get Link”

Go to the Scribd website, open the document you want to download and copy its URL from the address bar. Then, visit DocDownloader, enter the link, and press GET LINK.

Step 2. Click on Download.

You will be redirected to a page that requires authentication to establish that a computer user is a person. After checking the box, click DOWNLOAD PDF (or DOWNLOAD TXT, DOCX, etc.). The page refreshes and then press the download button again.

Step 3. Click Continue.

A redirect will lead you to the page after 15 seconds. After patiently waiting, the Continue button will appear. Click on it and the Scribd document will be downloaded to your computer.


Method 2: Use the Chrome plugin to save the pages of a Scribd document in PDF

I tried several plugins of the same type (web pages in PDF), and from this, I get acceptable results.

PDF Mage is a Chrome plugin that allows you to save your web page as an editable PDF file with the click of a button. You can set the number of pages as one page or several pages. When setting up a single page, the reading process is almost the same as when reading the original web page. After the conversion is complete, the Scribd document will be automatically saved to your local drive.

But, of course, this plugin is designed to convert a web page, such as Scribd, to PDF, but not to download the Scribd document itself. The result will not be as good as method 1, which we mentioned above. In addition, this plugin cannot be loaded to load some very long Scribd documents into a single-page PDF. This will display an error message.


In addition to the two above, there are several other ways to download Scribe documents without being able to download them. For example, you can print the web page of a Scribd document in PDF format from Google Chrome (press Ctrl + P on Windows or Command + P on Mac). I got an unsatisfactory result, so I do not plan to recommend this method here.

In short, method 1 is the best solution, I am very pleased with it, and method 2 can be an alternative. It should now be very easy to upload Scribd documents without being able to download, as well as upload any files to Scribd without logging in.